The Movement Exchange Workshop

The Movement Exchange is giving a FREE WORKSHOP in the raucous style of BOUFFON COMEDY this Saturday March 19th from 1-5 in the Back Loft. This workshop will be given by Jaimie Carswell and Ciaran Taylor, Lecoq grad and director of the hit bouffon comedy “The Blanch”
Please RSVP to me so I have an idea of numbers.
What is it? Bouffon is a style of grotesque comedy where the performers exaggerate their behavour and physicality to the extreme, becoming hellish clowns whose absurd comic take on everyday life gives a vision into the hidden grotesqueness in us all. It’s raw, raunchy, offensive, and great fun. Come along and check it out!

See a clip of bouffons in action below or check out The Blanch yourself at the Mill Theatre, Dundrum on Friday the 18th at 8pm.

This workshop will involve a lot of movement so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, bring pillows and cushions if you have them to pad out your bouffon bods. And once again, in the spirit of exchange, this workshop is FREE!

Come along, have fun, sweat, and get your bouf-on!