CALL FOR WORK: Mamuska Dublin


MAMUSKA DUBLIN returns Friday 1st April 2011 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm

La Catedral Studios calls local, national and international artists to participate in the upcoming
Mamuska Dublin! This is a unique occasion to present and view evolving works, raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense, first steps... all in the context of an informal environment where like-minded artists meet, mingle, discuss and receive feedback from the audience. Be a part of it!
A maximum of ten artists will present their work, with lively musical breaks for discussion.

To submit your work, fill out the attached form and return to this address.

Submission criteria:

* open to
works in the fields of dance, live performance, live installation, sound and video art
* all
works must be under 10 minutes long
* all
works must have very simple technical set up and requirements
* send title, duration and brief description of work submitted
* send short CV of people involved
* inclusion of supporting material is recommended

Closing Date For Submissions: Friday 18th March 2011

Email all submissions to La Cat Salons curator Brigit McCone at Dublin is supported by the Arts Council.



Presented by ARTWAVE

The idea of this event is to bring together women of all ages and nationalities to show the diversity and creativity of female artists in Ireland and to celebrate their achievements and passions.

The event is divided into 3 blocks: art, fashion and business.


4th of March 2011 – Opening Night – 7pm to 11pm

5th of March 2011 – 2pm to 11pm

6th of March 2011 – 12pm to 6pm

Line up:

Visual Art:

1. Samantha Clarke - Painting

2. Niamh Curry - Painting

3. Siobhan Doyle - Posters

4. GoldGinger - Photography

5. Marta Golubowska - Painting

6. Eithna Joyce - Painting

7. Debbie Lush - Painting

8. Sarah Manson - Printmaking

9. Trisha McNally - Illustration

10. Aurelie Montfrond - Illustration

11. Joanne Murray - Sculpture & Mixed Media

12. Aneta Naczas - Painting

13. Magda Nowacka - Photography

14. Hiromi Okumura - Painting & Mixed Media

15. Serena O'Neill - Mixed Media

16. Helen Paisley - Printmaking

17. Elis Taves - Photography

18. Ciuin Tracey - Photography

19. Joanne Walker - Mixed Media

20. Żaneta Witkowska - Painting

21. Sandra Corrigan Breathnach


21. Aoife Barret - Sculpture

22. Annika Berglund - Ceramic Sculpture

23. KasiaForest - Glass Sculpture

24. Aisling Ní Chonraoí - Mixed Media & Sculpture

Fashion & Business:

25. Laura Cassidy - Fashion

26. Lisa De Beer - Fashion

27. Tatty Franey - Knitting

28. Fafa Hardiman - Fashion

29. Ula Kapala - Jewellery

30. Sarah O'Connor - Fashion

31. Delta O'Hara - Comics


Friday, 4th March:

8:00 pm - The Zoryanna - Bellydance Troupe

8:30 pm - Jenn Kirby - Economic Fluctuations composition

9:00 pm - Delta O’Hara – sex phone monologues

Saturday, 5th March:

7:30 pm - Apollonia Tribal Bellydance

8:00 pm - Women's poetry group - The Prufrocks - Barbara Smith, Nuala Ní Chonchúir & Mary Mullen

9:00 pm - Rampant Productions – „Amy I want to make you hard” – Katie Holms & Sinéad O'Loughlin.