ANÚNA-presented by RawClassico
Doors open 7:30pm

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Directed by Michael McGlynn, Anuna the internationally reknowned choral group will launch the RawClassico concert series held in the Back Loft.

"Anuna, the Irish choral ensemble, is a stellar example of a crossover group that has avoided compromising its musical standards and has maintained a high level of involvement in the worlds of both popular and classical music� it is also an exceptionally virtuosic chamber choir, with the discipline and technique to excel in both traditional and contemporary music in the classical tradition".

Founded by Antonella Scanu and Frances Marshall, 'RawClassico' is a new initiative that promotes classical music in the raw setting of the Back Loft at La Catedral Studios.

Anuna at The Back Loft is part of Music in the Historic Quarter, a Contemporary Music Centre initiative, which consists of The Contemporary Music Centre Outdoor Music Trail and an event programme.

For more info go to: Music in the Historic Quarter

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Opening Reception: 22nd July, 6pm – 8pm

Daily Viewing: 23rd – 30th July, 12pm - 7pm daily,

Photograph by Irene Sirgausa

DID IT! is a celebration of creativity, confidence and completion. To mark the end of the first year of their degree course in photography at DIT, the exhibition provides a platform via which young emerging talent can display their work. DID IT! gives fresh talent a voice and creates newfound confidence. DID IT! allows each photographer to give individual and unique expression to an overarching concept, and will bring this newly created work to a new audience for the first time. The artists’ theme is 'Space'. Though the theme can be interpreted in a myriad of ways - workspaces, spaces for living, vacant space, null space - the space must be physical and not conceptual.
DID IT Exhibition

‘The Thing that Bruises You’

Opening Reception: 2nd July, 6pm – 8pm

Daily Viewing: 3rd – 11th July, 11am - 7pm daily,
except Sunday 11th July 11am - 5pm

‘The Thing That Bruises You’ presents a salon style exhibition of works by a selection of recent photography graduates from across the island. Representing a broad range of innovative techniques, styles, and photographic practices, the exhibition promises to exhilarate, inspire and provoke. Works are mapped out floor to ceiling, wall to wall, representing a lavish visual survey of contemporary views and concepts undertaken by graduates in recent years. This exhibition attempts to address the vexed nature of being a graduate in the current climate, where the quest for gallery space, opportunities and recognition in the field are enduring issues. The wall space acts as a metaphor reflecting these concerns.

Opening Reception: 13th July, 7pm – 9pm

Daily Viewing: 14th – 20th July, 1pm - 8pm daily

Except Tuesday 20th July until 6pm

In an ever-changing Ireland people are becoming more and more interested in their heritage and personal legacy. The exhibition ‘Loose Threads’ explores these legacies through a diverse collection of intriguing and highly creative images. From landscapes of a family’s favourite places to enigmatic images of teenage life, the exhibition hints at an Ireland redefining itself. This redefinition is identified by the intercultural mix of students indicating their emotional and actual relationships with the past and present, making this exhibition a unique documentation of Ireland today.

Social Media for artists
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Fri 9th July 6.30 pm


"Off the Shelf" - Mon 5th-Fri 9th July

Daily lunchtime talks & debates on photogaphic thesis, presented by invited graduates. Curated by Donna Kiernan. More info on this link

"Photo Blogging" - Sat 10th july, 12pm

With Orla Fitzpatrick & guests bloggers

"Open Forum" - Sat 10th July, 7.30pm

Challenges and concerns facing the Art Photography practice in Ireland.

Moderated By Angel Luis Gonzalez, Festival Director.



'Off The Shelf' Grad Talks - 1pm daily
From Monday 5th July - Friday 9th July

Off The Shelf Grad Talks: an open discussion on theoretical questions to shake the dust out of graduate’s thesis, co-ordinated by Donna Kiernan on the back of The Thing That Bruises You.

The Back Loft in conjunction with PhotoIreland Festival are holding a series of talks based on the thesis arguments of recent graduates. Through an informal series of lunch time talks held in The Back Loft -see map- we will discuss questions raised by a selection of graduate theses in an open floor debate held by the graduates themselves.

Schedule of topics

Monday 5th July - 1pm

Aidan Kelly-Murphy presents 20th Century Toys: The rise, cultural development and parallel exploration of photography and gender studies
Aidan Kelly - Murphy looks at how a build up of gender ideas, in science and social studies, from the previous two millennia exploded in the pop art scene of the 1960’s and greatly accelerated in each decade that followed. Photography played a crucial part within this exploration and the two mediums of photography and gender intertwined with each other and pushed their outputs to new artistic peaks and to societal recognition.

Tuesday 6th July - 1pm

Leonie Tang presents The Archive: History and Memory
Leonie Tang investigates the role of the archive in the representation of public and personal memory while examining the contradictory discourses that surround the veracity of the photographic document. Her talk highlights key histories relevant to the development of the functions of the archive within a historical and social context. Drawing on contemporary practitioners works to explore these concepts of individual and public memory, Leonie attempts to negate notions of a ‘universal history’ and ‘photographic truth’.

Wednesday 7th July - 1pm

Donna Kiernan presents The Photographic Competition: Excelling at mediocrity
Donna Kiernan examines the way in which photographic competitions impact the natural evolution of photography. With more and more prize winning photographs being called into question, Donna asks are these competitions really pushing photographers to excel are or are we simply taking the photos with the best chance of winning the prize. Using the National Portrait Gallery’s Annual photographic portrait competition as a case study she asks can we identify this trend and considers how it may have come into being. Does the responsibility lie with the photographers, the institutions or the even the audience?

Thursday 8th July - 1pm

Steven Nestor presents The Fog of Photography
Steven Nestor investigates the rapport between conflict photography and its ability to represent the truth behind the image. Building on the works of influential writers engaged with photography in both a wider context and that of conflict photography, Steven explores the nature of the printed image through semiotics, the historical context and practical usage of the photograph. Focusing on the contested site and evolving position of the image in two major latter 20th century conflicts: Vietnam and the First Gulf War and by engaging with publications like Newsweek and Time Magazine as well as the iconic image in conflict, Steven highlights the contested veracity of the image, showing it to be a rather than the truth.

Friday 9th July - 1pm

Jacki Hehir presents Photography And The Archive will be examining photography’s role as archive and questioning whether or not it offers itself as a truthful form of representation. She will be looking at the currency of the photograph, the messages that may be transmitted by them and how they are housed within the archive.

Curated by Donna Kiernan

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