IYT Festival of Drama

November 27th - 30th, two shows per day - Tickets €15/€10

Established in 2003, the Independent Youth Theatre (or IYT) has emerged as a prolific producer of new Irish work both directed and written by young people. It accepts members between the ages of 15 to 25.

Sonnets for an Old Century - by Jose Rivera. Dir: Fiona McCluskey & Roisin Watson This is the last and only time you have to give your side of the story, as far as I know. What would you say?

The Terrace - by David Parnell. Dir: Karl Watson and Lola White Jane and Denis are best friends... maybe more? When Steve 'Mad Dog' Brennan takes a shine to Jane, it takes her some Eminem lyrics, dance routines and a little help from a hand puppet to figure out which man is right for her.

Never Swim Alone - by Daniel MacIvor. Dir: Ali Hayes-Brady
Two friends. A girl with a secret from their past. Who's taller? Who's got the "bigger"? And who has the gun? A comedy. . . in 13 rounds.

Killed by Curriculum - by Shaun Dunne. Six students. Exams are looming. Featuring the work of renowned poets John Montague and Sylvia Plath, what happens if you identify?

Thursday 27th - 7.30pm Sonnets for an Old Century - Never Swim Alone

Friday 28th - 7.30pm The Terrace - Killed by Curriculum

Saturday 29th - 2pm matinee Killed by Curriculum - Never Swim Alone 7.30pm - Sonnets for an Old Century - Never Swim Alone

Sunday 30th - 2pm matinee Killed by Curriculum - Sonnets for an Old Century


Theatre / Dance Double Bill

Friday & Saturday
21st & 22nd November
€12 on door, €10 reserved

Dir: Kevin Scott. Written by Kevin Scott, Brian Gleeson & Fionn O'Loinsigh. Starring Brian Gleeson & Fionn O'Loinsigh.
"In this sad room, in this dark gloom, we live like beasts"

Dog of All Creation
Choreography and Performance: Emma Fitzgerald & Aine Stapleton
Fitzgerald and Stapleton's latest major choreography, written in words of extreme concision, creates a new dance language to convey the creation of being. It describes the will of a creative force, defying all impossibility, which makes life so that humanity can exist and suffer. A cosmic work that points to the future of human destiny.



APART photographic exhibition by Ania Witowska

Launch: 13th November 6-8pm
Runs from 14-18 November, 12.30 - 7pm

'Cabinet' Fine Art Exhibition

Launch: Friday 7th November, 6pm
On view 8th - 11th November

This multi-disciplinary group show will showcase the diversity and talent of emerging artists from across the mediums of print, painting, animation, and installation.

As the name suggests, the exhibition is a cabinet of curiosities, encompassing wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content through varied formats of expression. The contrasting elements in both form and content within the show are woven together by a unified interest in the margins of culture and the desire to visually engage, challenge and inspire the viewer.

Featuring exciting new work in the media of paint, drawing, sculpture, glass, print, photography, embroidery and video by Emily Mannion, Laura Buchanan, Damian Palin, Jane Allen, Clinton Kirkpatrick, Cathy Convery, Kelly Rathford, Andrew Dunbar, Gemma Daly and Daniel McGarrigle.

For further information or images please contact Emily/Laura at:
T: 087 699 7857 (EM) / 087 294 9302 (LM)


Mamuska Dublin: Call for Works

5 December 2008

La Catedral Studios calls local and national artists to participate in the upcoming Mamuska Dublin. This is a unique occasion to present and view evolving works, raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense, first steps... all in the context of an informal environment where like minded people meet and receive feedback from the audience. Be a part of it.

A maximum of twelve artists will present their work while a unique sound environment will permeate through out the evening.

To submit your work, email

Submission criteria:

* open to works in the fields of dance, live performance, live installation, sound and video art
* all works must be under 10 minutes long
* all works must have very simple technical set up and requirements
* send title, duration and brief description of work submitted
* send short CV of people involved
* inclusion of supporting material is recommended

Closing Date Friday 14th November 2008



'HARD BOILED' by Ken Lambert

Exhibition Opening - Friday 31st October 2008 from 6-8pm Runs until 4th November
More info:

The exhibition pays homage to the visual composition of film noir, psychological thrillers of the forties and the visual literacy of detective fiction writers such as Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming.
The pencil drawings hope to capture the sense of the compositional atmosphere created by vignetting used regularly at this period in film. The installation is the aftermath of a crime scene with the tree the most probable suspect.
The show will comprise of approximately 20 pencil drawings of differing dimensions, 1 piece of sculpture, 2 animations and an installation.
Ken Lambert has been an exhibiting artist for twelve years, having work in numerous open submission exhibitions, completing several residencies and receiving a number of bursary awards, including a commission from the Department of Defence.

Notes From the Underworld

Wednesday 29th October 2008, doors open 7.30pm, performance starts 8pm.
Admission: €12/10 with complimentary drinks sponsored by Soleway wines.

An night of poetry and music directed and performed by Maria Laura Ronzoni.
Images by
Paola Catizone, featuring piano by special guest Alberto Gariglio.

A journey into the untold of human existence, featuring excerpts from Dante's 'Inferno' and the poetry of Samuel Beckett with musical accompaniment.
Maria Laura Ronzoni is an artist who moves fluidly through the genres of music, poetry and languages. The organic quality of her work spans classical to contemporary literature from Dante Alighieri to Samuel Beckett, overlapping the autobiographical with the mythical.

Winner of the Prize “BEST LYRICS” with the song “Per le Strade di Dublino”(Festival “Botteghe d’Autore”-Songwriting context; Salerno –Italy- August 2008).

“Her songs defy the classical boundaries of both tradition and avant-garde in the new multi-cultural context of our contemporary society.” The Cork Orchestral Society

Paola Catizone is an Italian/Spanish visual artist living in Dublin. In this project she responds to Ronzoni's songs through a series of drawings. These images also engage Paola's early memories of the role played by the Divine Comedy in her childhood.

Image Copyright Paola Catizone

Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with La Catedral Studios.

Beyond the Steps and the Music

Launch: Thursday 23rd October, 6 - 8 pm, opened by Liam O'Maonlai.

Exhibition runs until 27th October

A collection of photographs which capture expressions of tango will be exhibited in the Back Loft from the 23rd of October. The pictures reveal a wide spectrum of the tango dance and music scene in Buenos Aires, the Argentinan home of tango.

Photographer Marcelo Biglia has documented the movement's young and alternative side. "Tango is now more diverse than ever before," he explains. His evocative photographs show different aspects of traditional tango alongside the very experimental new movement.

further details:


Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

'Why can't we all just Get Along?' will open at the Back Loft on Tuesday the 14th of October. The exhibition will encompass art, craft and design from recent graduates and final year students from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, featuring glass art, painting, textiles, sculpture, print and more by Lauren Devine, Ciara McMahon, Fiona Byrne, Emer Lynch, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Fiona Daly, Duffy Mooney-Sheppard, Claire Murphy, Aisling Cook, Paul Maguire and Alice Rekab.

We invite you to join us at the Back Loft on Tuesday the 14th of October, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., to celebrate art of all kinds and the completion of a lot of hard work by a group of eager young artists! There will be a complementary drinks reception and live music.

Why can’t we all just Get Along?’ runs from Wednesday the 15th of October to Saturday the 18th, opening hours are from 12 noon to 8pm each day.



@ THE BACK LOFT, Thur 25TH-Sat 27TH
Tickets €15 Limited capacity - RSVP essential. Email

The Myth and The Flesh:

A solo performance by Marián Araújo
artistic collaborator -Gey Pin Ang

Taking as inspiration the biblical figure of Mary Magdalene and the Myth created around her through religion, literature and paiting, the story of a woman and her memory has been revealed.

A woman weaving a trail that leads her through the many doors of her inescapable memory. As she fleshes out her myth to reveal other selves, she invokes and confronts a sensuous innocent, a woman in the still pain of adulthood and an ancient pilgrim, all bound by the touch of an impossible love for one that cannot be counted.

Dramaturgy by Marián Araújo from texts by Jeffrey Gormley, Paul Celan, The Song of Songs, Apocrypha texts, Julio Cortazar, Kahlil Gibran, Margarite Yourcenar and T.S. Eliot. Traditional Sefardi, Cuban and Spanish songs.

The Myth and The Flesh is a solo piece created as part of an ongoing solitary research process in which the artist tries to challenge and interrogate the role and the autonomy of the actor as an independent artist, by examining possibilities to transform her into a whole creator

Enter the dark, let your senses guide you: let's see what happens.

Intrigued? Dilatation is a short performance piece set entirely in darkness.

It was first presented at the Galway Arts Festival in June 2008. Conceived by

the Mephisto collective and performed by Emma O' Grady, Laura Flynn, Sophie

Campbell, Zita Monahan, Caroline Lynch and Noelle O'Reagan.

Culture Night 2008

La Catedral Studios will be participating in a special Culture Night event.


September 2008 - Dublin Fringe at the Back Loft

Bridge: Niamh Condron & Julyen Hamilton

Look under the bridge, what lies beneath? What's keeping the bridge from crashing under our feet? What will happen when we get to the other side? What have we left behind? Bridge is a duet that transforms an empty space into a poetry of bridged lands and places amidst air.

Step It Up: Rehearsed Readings

Following the success of last year's rehearsed readings, Dublin Fringe Festival is delighted to present Step It Up, a platform for script-based work that captured our imagination and sparked our curiosity. Taking place over two Sundays, six emerging writers showcase their new work, with facilitated discussion and refreshments.

Day 1: A-Picking At A Bone (Carmel Winters), Spider (Arthur Sheridan), Life After Love (Billy Traynor)

2pm 'A-Picking At A Bone' by Carmel Winters
A toddler is snatched, another child is to blame. Only fifteen, his mother attempts to piece together what happened and why.

3.30pm 'Spider' by Arthur Sheridan
A drug addicted teenage daughter who seeks out her real parents only to find out it's too late.

4.50pm 'Life After Love' by Billy Traynor
The Rough (Middle Aged Woman's) Guide to make up, men and parenthood from newly divorced Daisy Magill.

Day 2: The Crown Jewels (Preposterous Theatre), Leap of Faith (Theatrical Theatrics Productions), Thicker Than Water (Produced by Geoff Power)

1pm 'The Crown Jewels' by Shawn Sturnick.
A comic game of “Cluedo” where nothing’s sacred and everybody’s guilty of something. The Irish Crown Jewels have been nicked and King Edward VII is determined not to find out who dunnit.

3.15pm 'Leap of Faith' by David Lydon
A young and prosperous writer-for-hire is waiting to emerge from the shadow of ghost-writing with one extra day to complete his book.

4.45pm 'Thicker than Water'
is a fictional crime story written by a current inmate of the Midlands Prison that delves into the paranoid, tense, male mind-games of crime.

For more info, visit:

Events 2005-2007


December 2007 - 'Art'
Group show featuring Pato Cassinoni and guests

2nd December 2007 - Gordon Matta - Clarke
Panel discussion in association with This Is Not A Shop

29th November to 1st December 2007 - 'Selection Box'
Exhibition by La Catedral Studios artists (

22nd - 27th November 2007 - Unit_Y exhibition

14th September 2007 - Culture Night
Intimate open studio night,

September 2007 - Dublin Fringe Festival
'The Tragedian Trilogy', Mamuska Nights, 'Desert Inn' -,

7th - 8th July 2007 - 'Have You Met Nosti?'
Salon festival of the Balkan Irish Arts Forum

28th June - 3rd July 2007 - 'Vajra'
Painting exhibition by Paul Maguire

June 2007 - 'P-A-I-R' - 'Figure and Landscape' - 'The Right Art'
Visual art group exhibitions.

May 2007 - 'Escalations'
NCAD 3rd year sculpture exhibition

DIT third year photography exhibition

IADT second year fine arts exhibition

'Gold Star MFA'
NCAD Master of Fine Arts student exhibition

13th - 14th April 2007 - 'Fast Forward Ireland'
24 - hour filmmaking festival

10th March 2007 - Ewa Gigon
Cabaret, music and visual experimentation,

8th March 2007 - Stinging Fly Book Launch

2nd - 7th March 2007 - 'Postcards from the Edge'
Performance & performative art by woman artists.

23rd - 27th February 2007 - 'Believe Me, I Believe Me'
IADT 3rd year exhibition

7th - 17th February 2007 - Don't Cry - Work
exhibition of objects and occurrences -

12th - 14th January 2007 - Fergal McCarthy exhibition

23rd - 30th January 2007 - 'Without a Parachute'
MOXIE Dublin debut show


1-3 December 2006 - Conspirators of Pleasure
A group exhibition organised by a collective of visual artists based in Dublin, exploring the darker side of the human psyche.

26th - 27th November 2006 - Papered Bodies
A mixed media exhibition by Jeanne Merer, with performances by various artists inspired by the paintings on display.

23rd -29th October 2006 - Absent - A Beckett For the Phone Age
Theatrical performance written and directed by Tom Pius

13th-17th October 2006 - New Work by Turlough Rynne
Pen and ink drawings of Dublin City streets.

28th September-6th October 2006- THE CRINGE
Multimedia exhibition by a group of Sligo trained painters. Through this show they aim to bring together totally different mediums from around the country.

11 September 2006 - Dublin Fringe Festival
Cataplasia - choreography: Daniel Vais, performers: The Love Spotters
A magical and poetically charged performance dancedby a collective of artists with mild to moderate disabilities.

7th September 2006 - Majka Design Fashion Show:
A night of quirky fashion on the catwalk of the Back Loft presented by Fashion Designer Maria Tapper.

1st - 6th September 2006 - Iremonger/Turping Painting Exhibition
A week of erotic art extravaganza.

3-7 July 2006 - Theatre Workshop
The Corn Exchange

10th - 16th June 2006 - Open Doors -La Catedral Studios' Launch
A week of art exhibitions by the resident artists of La Catedral Studios to celebrate their one year anniversary in the newly refurbished premises at La Catedral Studios. The week long event also featured an Argentinean tango night, a day of fashion and design fair,a life drawing session featuring life model ElenB and two tango dancers and an evening dedicated to specially selected feature films and short films. The launch of the studios was part of the Creative corridor-Thomas Street Art Festival promoted by Dublin City Council, encompassing all the artistic endeviours of the area.

16th - 21st May - Portent
A group show of photographic works including both still image and time-based media by third-year students on the BA Photography course at DIT, Temple Bar.

5th - 10th May - ZOOP by Octave
A mixed media exhibition featuring eight thriving artists recently graduated at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design.

26th - 31st April 2006 - Mapless
Opened by Mick Wilson. An exhibition of work in progress by MA students of NCAD

21st - 23rd April 2006 - 'Self' Portrait of an Artist
Opened by Mick O'Dea. A three day live art event by ElenB in collaboration with La Catedral Studios, featuring a mixed media exhibition of life drawings and portraits and interactive sessions of life drawing and photo portrait.

3rd - 10th April 2006 - FOUR
A mixed media exhibition by four resident artists of La CatedralStudios. Featuring work by Jenny Brady, Leda Scully, Fiach McKale and Vanessa Donoso-Lopez.

March 2006 - Films Shot on Location: TANGO IN D MINOR A film by Maurizio Usai (4th year student at the Dun Laoghaire College of film studies)
ROOFLANDERS A film by Swen (4th year student at the Dun Laoghaire College Of Film Studies)

Dance Workshop
Contact improvisation by Wolfgang Hoffman

25th January - 12 Feb 2006 - Despite My Good Intentions, A Wander Beyond
An international group show funded by the Arts Council and curated by Cahoime and Michelle Kilfeather, featuring artists from Poland, Greece, Hong Kong, Canada & England.


18 November 2005 - Visual Artists Ireland Launch
by the Sculpture Society.

13th December 2005 - The Winter Solstice Project
A Night of performances, video installations with live acoustic soundtrack and art exhibitions by a group of students from NCAD

September 2005 - The Dublin Fringe Festival
A Season in hell by "The Stomach Box"
Aileens' lament for Art O'Laoghaire by "Theatre Lumiere"
Captured Movements - visual art meets theatre. The first visual art exhibition at the Back Loft, curated by illustrator Jeanne Merer in collaboration with a group of mixed media artists.