Notes From the Underworld

Wednesday 29th October 2008, doors open 7.30pm, performance starts 8pm.
Admission: €12/10 with complimentary drinks sponsored by Soleway wines.

An night of poetry and music directed and performed by Maria Laura Ronzoni.
Images by
Paola Catizone, featuring piano by special guest Alberto Gariglio.

A journey into the untold of human existence, featuring excerpts from Dante's 'Inferno' and the poetry of Samuel Beckett with musical accompaniment.
Maria Laura Ronzoni is an artist who moves fluidly through the genres of music, poetry and languages. The organic quality of her work spans classical to contemporary literature from Dante Alighieri to Samuel Beckett, overlapping the autobiographical with the mythical.

Winner of the Prize “BEST LYRICS” with the song “Per le Strade di Dublino”(Festival “Botteghe d’Autore”-Songwriting context; Salerno –Italy- August 2008).

“Her songs defy the classical boundaries of both tradition and avant-garde in the new multi-cultural context of our contemporary society.” The Cork Orchestral Society

Paola Catizone is an Italian/Spanish visual artist living in Dublin. In this project she responds to Ronzoni's songs through a series of drawings. These images also engage Paola's early memories of the role played by the Divine Comedy in her childhood.

Image Copyright Paola Catizone

Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with La Catedral Studios.