TYPE: Contemporary Dance
DANCERS: Deirdre Murphy, Rebecca Reilly, and Lisa McLoughlin, with Deirdre Murphy choreographing.
DATES: Monday 6TH-9TH April, 8pm, Saturday 9th April matinee 2pm
TICKETS: E 14/10 concession

A post discussion will be held on Thursday 7th.

For every woman who is pregnant
For every woman who has ever been pregnant
For every woman who might someday be pregnant..

Drinking from the Well explores the wild and myriad experiences that surround pregnancy and the birthing process. This intimate performance features three dancers who have all experienced childbirth in unique ways, and aims to both represent, challenge, and deconstruct the culture of fear that surrounds pregnancy. Interweaving powerful choreography with experimental vocalizations and text drawn from interviews with a multitude of mothers, Drinking from the Well provides an evening of engaging, contemporary dance at its most engaging.

The dancers use only their voices to create an entire soundscape for the show. The three dancers experiment with two and three part harmonies, as well as the odd bit of solo work. Sometimes, in a metatheatrical and humourous kind of way, the sound alters to acknowledge the challenges of vocalizing while moving - either moving as a dancer, moving as a pregnant woman, or movement during labour. Deirdre Murphy describes it as the use of "vocal melody and tonalities to convey emotional content without the specification of story," which suggests that the vocalizations provide a score that operates to deliver mood, while also operating as counterpoint.
This approach to a contemporary dance piece is quite novel and also beautiful.

This event is produced with the help of The Arts Council of Ireland



MAMUSKA DUBLIN, Friday 1st April 2011 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm
Preceded by a RAWCLASSICO 'Schola Hyberniae' concert at 7pm sharp

Mamuska Dublin returns for Fool's Day frolics in double treat for fans of the cutting edge! At 7pm, the Back Loft is set ringing with the haunting polyphonic Gregorian chants of 'Schola Hyberniae', followed at 8pm by the mayhem of Mamuska Dublin's experimental short performances, where audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. A packed line-up of film, dance, music and live performance art to challenge and inspire. Featuring a raffle with complimentary drinks.

7pm - SCHOLA HYBERNIAE concert

8pm - Mamuska Dublin line-up

1. Terence & Darren - Can You Smell it Yet? - PERFORMANCE ART
2. Patrick Groenland 4tet, Katrin Neue - DANCE/MUSIC IMPROV
3. FILM: 'Futureland', dir: David Bickley
4. Seamus Bradley - 'Favourite Things' - INTERACTIVE SPOKEN WORD
5. FILMS: Lemeh42 films & Raoul Simpson's 'TV Words'
6. Aoife Hardiman -'Birds' - MULTIMEDIA TRIBAL DANCE
7. FILMS: Michael Higgins dir. 'Landslide' and Andi McGarry dir. 'Happy Clouds'

Free admission. Mamuska Dublin and RawClassico are supported by the Arts Council.


The Movement Exchange Workshop

The Movement Exchange is giving a FREE WORKSHOP in the raucous style of BOUFFON COMEDY this Saturday March 19th from 1-5 in the Back Loft. This workshop will be given by Jaimie Carswell and Ciaran Taylor, Lecoq grad and director of the hit bouffon comedy “The Blanch”
Please RSVP to me so I have an idea of numbers.
What is it? Bouffon is a style of grotesque comedy where the performers exaggerate their behavour and physicality to the extreme, becoming hellish clowns whose absurd comic take on everyday life gives a vision into the hidden grotesqueness in us all. It’s raw, raunchy, offensive, and great fun. Come along and check it out!

See a clip of bouffons in action below or check out The Blanch yourself at the Mill Theatre, Dundrum on Friday the 18th at 8pm.

This workshop will involve a lot of movement so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, bring pillows and cushions if you have them to pad out your bouffon bods. And once again, in the spirit of exchange, this workshop is FREE!

Come along, have fun, sweat, and get your bouf-on!



Schola Hyberniae

Featuring Ann Marie Corcoran, Rachel Croash, Frances Marshall, Claire Ryan, Giovanna Feeley (director)

Presented by RawClassico

DATE: Friday 1st April 2011, 7pm sharp

Followed by Mamuska Dublin

SCHOLA HYBERNIAE is a female ensemble specializing in plainchant and early polyphony. Hosted in the atmospheric raw environment of the Back Loft, this original performance promises to be a unique experience for the connoiseurs of gregorian chanting as well as for a new audience.

The artists are regular performers at Castletown House in Celbridge, County Kildare, where they have presented programmes of Easter, Advent and Christmas music. The group is also in great demand for liturgical celebrations and has sung at festive Eucharists, Carol Services and Vespers Services nationwide.The ensemble has a particular interest in chant from Irish manuscripts and they have performed at the monastic site of Glendalough as part of National Heritage Week, at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin as part of its Medieval Music Series and at the bi-annual Roscrea Conference celebrating Irish Saints and the Liturgy.

RawClassico is an in-house production of La Catedral Studios curated byFrances Marshall and is funded by the Arts Council under the Small Festival Scheme.


THE GREAT HUNGER - by Peter Duffy

Peter Duffy presents a one man show of The Great Hunger, by Patrick Kavanagh.

DATE:March 19th-Doors Open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm, Donations welcome.

Peter Duffy will give a work-in -progress performance of The Great Hunger using the complete text of the poem (originally banned), incorporating sound, props and lighting....
After the performance the artist will be open to feedback and discussion.
The long epic poem is one of the great works of Irish literature and some feel is Kavanagh's masterpiece. With echoes of the "Great Famine" in the title and in the text, the poem concerns the life and struggles of the anti-hero and small farmer Patrick Maguire. A narrative poem,fully of lyrical beauty,drama,description,and mystical insight,it is an un-sentimental portrait of small farm life in 1930's Monaghan. It can still speak to us to-day,having great universal significance "