MAMUSKA DUBLIN, Friday 1st April 2011 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm
Preceded by a RAWCLASSICO 'Schola Hyberniae' concert at 7pm sharp

Mamuska Dublin returns for Fool's Day frolics in double treat for fans of the cutting edge! At 7pm, the Back Loft is set ringing with the haunting polyphonic Gregorian chants of 'Schola Hyberniae', followed at 8pm by the mayhem of Mamuska Dublin's experimental short performances, where audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. A packed line-up of film, dance, music and live performance art to challenge and inspire. Featuring a raffle with complimentary drinks.

7pm - SCHOLA HYBERNIAE concert

8pm - Mamuska Dublin line-up

1. Terence & Darren - Can You Smell it Yet? - PERFORMANCE ART
2. Patrick Groenland 4tet, Katrin Neue - DANCE/MUSIC IMPROV
3. FILM: 'Futureland', dir: David Bickley
4. Seamus Bradley - 'Favourite Things' - INTERACTIVE SPOKEN WORD
5. FILMS: Lemeh42 films & Raoul Simpson's 'TV Words'
6. Aoife Hardiman -'Birds' - MULTIMEDIA TRIBAL DANCE
7. FILMS: Michael Higgins dir. 'Landslide' and Andi McGarry dir. 'Happy Clouds'

Free admission. Mamuska Dublin and RawClassico are supported by the Arts Council.