THE GREAT HUNGER - by Peter Duffy

Peter Duffy presents a one man show of The Great Hunger, by Patrick Kavanagh.

DATE:March 19th-Doors Open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm, Donations welcome.

Peter Duffy will give a work-in -progress performance of The Great Hunger using the complete text of the poem (originally banned), incorporating sound, props and lighting....
After the performance the artist will be open to feedback and discussion.
The long epic poem is one of the great works of Irish literature and some feel is Kavanagh's masterpiece. With echoes of the "Great Famine" in the title and in the text, the poem concerns the life and struggles of the anti-hero and small farmer Patrick Maguire. A narrative poem,fully of lyrical beauty,drama,description,and mystical insight,it is an un-sentimental portrait of small farm life in 1930's Monaghan. It can still speak to us to-day,having great universal significance "