Wed- Sat 6th - 9th March
"Did I make a mistake? No. I'm not quite sure I should answer that...did I make a mistake?"

A quote from Herta Bothe, a camp guard at Bergen Belsen - her complete lack of remorse, the refusal to accept any personal responsibility and the fact that she is still alive, living happily under a psuedoname in eastern Germany is what inspired this project.

6 female concentration camp guards examine their consciences.
The question of responsibility quickly sparks infighting.
No one wants to address the past. No one wants the blame. 

The show runs for an hour with no interval. 
Refreshments available from the on site Cafe before and after the show.

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm. No latecomers.

Tickets: 15€ adult, 10€ student, available at the door or on-line: 

Butoh performance - Love my heart

Butoh Dublin Festival Presents:


5th of March 2013 - Doors & Cafe Open 7pm show starts 8 pm sharp. 

5 Euro at the door. Ring the bell for admission. No latecomers.
by: Ambra G. Bergamasco (performer-dancer) and Enda Moran (sound-scapes)

Love My Heart is a Butoh dance piece evoking everyday stories stored in our heart. Thought of as a walk through the heart, it engages with visions, emotions and imaginaries that relate to and spring off from what to dance, listening and witnessing the heart, means. The piece is approx 35 mins 
 Butoh is a dance practice that originated in Japan with Ohno and Hijikata, partially inspired by German expressionism of the 50s. This dance can be partially defined as non-representational, outside of formally arranged choreography. It is a dance that relies on the human and life itself. Practically, the dance  engages with visions which allow becomings and transmutations. Butoh is mindfulness, it is “in every day’s work” (Yoshito Ohno), it opens your eyes to experience the beauty of things by acknowledging their circle of evolving, blooming and dying.
 Performers:Enda Moran, artist and musician is working in the area of community/performing arts for over ten years with a strong focus on social inclusion of marginalised groups and building community through creativity and self expression. Ambra G. Bergamasco  theatre, artistic and performing background comes from her parents Ulla Alasjarvi and Beppe Bergamasco  in the Grotowski and Eugenio Barba lineage. She has been working and training with Peter Brook’s actors such as Mamadou Diume and Mallika Sarabhai, and has performed solos and worked extensively between India and Italy, producing acting and dancing with Mallika Sarabhai and her performing company. Ambra practices Butoh dance - Katsuo Ohno lineage - since 1998. She has trained with Japanese and European Butoh Practitioners.


Mamuska Dublin: 1st March

Mamuska Dublin takes the stage again on Friday 1st March

featuring a packed line-up of live performance and video screenings to challenge and inspire. Audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. Doors open 7pm. Show starts 7.30pm.


Intro screening - Dir: David Bickley - 'World Riddle 2d' - FILM
1. Emma Pearson - 'Who the Hell is Stuntman Mike?' - PERFORMANCE
2. Cóilín the Oh-Aissieux & Patrick McGlynn - 'Bards' Blocks' - INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE
3. Wojtek Bratus & Lisa Tighe - 'Electric Shock Risk' - DANCE
4. Erika Capello & Monica Insinga - 'Commedia dell'Arte Improv' - PERFORMANCE
5. Rik Peel - 'The Washing Line / A Very Strange Thing' - ANIMATION
6. Emily Aoibheann - 'Solo Self-suspension' - PERFORMANCE
7. Áine Ó'Hara - 'Mary Sweets' - PERFORMANCE
8.  Ambra Bergamasco & Enda Moran - 'Love My Heart' - DANCE
9. Peter Duffy - Making a Meal of It' - PERFORMANCE

Mamuska Dublin is supported by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme and is an inhouse production of La Catedral Studios. Pictured artists: Hillary Williams and Carol Walsh, photographed by Ciarna Hackett.


Ink & Ivories

Monday 18th February 2013
Doors open at 6.30 pm.
Admission E 5

A one of a kind intimate, acoustic Salon of poets & Pianists.
Presented by Johnny Rage, (D.U.B - Dublin Underground Beats) in collaboration with The Back Loft's in house programme for acoustic music, La Cat Acoustic.
Ink & ivories is hosted in the Framework of Salon d'Exploration.



A site specific performance by Danielle Maldonado, directed by Nuno Theodoro,  presented as part of the Salon D'Exploration.

Saturday the 16th February,
Doors open 6.30 pm,
Suggested donation E 5.

All places have a story to tell us...
Stories can give new meanings to places...
Creating a new past is possible and legends may sometimes become truth...
Places can change people. The present can change the past…
This is one story...

                Dungeon is a collaborative site specific performance between the Brazilian actors Danielle Maldonado and Nuno Theodoro. The actors are both graduated in Performing Arts, at Universidade Estadual de Londrina, in Brazil and have done research on physical theatre and site specific performance. The audience is invited to time travel and discover the surprising, puzzling and perhaps scary stories that took place in this remarkable Victorian building that is now the back Loft.