Wed- Sat 6th - 9th March
"Did I make a mistake? No. I'm not quite sure I should answer that...did I make a mistake?"

A quote from Herta Bothe, a camp guard at Bergen Belsen - her complete lack of remorse, the refusal to accept any personal responsibility and the fact that she is still alive, living happily under a psuedoname in eastern Germany is what inspired this project.

6 female concentration camp guards examine their consciences.
The question of responsibility quickly sparks infighting.
No one wants to address the past. No one wants the blame. 

The show runs for an hour with no interval. 
Refreshments available from the on site Cafe before and after the show.

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm. No latecomers.

Tickets: 15€ adult, 10€ student, available at the door or on-line: