Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 3rd July

Friday 3rd July @ 8pm

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our last Midsummer Mini-Salon @ The Back Loft! Artists and audience mingle in a relaxed environment for varied, informal nights of fresh, risk-taking and exploratory performance, live art, experimental music and film.

3rd July salon line-up

Stephen James Smith - Urban poetry
Laura Sheeran - experimental music
"The Chronoscope", by Andrew Legge with Serena Brabazon - short film
Roberta Miano -Violin
"Trials and Tribulations of a 3-minute workout"
by Bonnie Jeanne Lawless - short film
Trisha O' Keeffe & Shawn Jones - Guitar & bass
'You're a very Naughty Boy' by Katherine Nolan - short film
Cressida Fustian - comedy sketch
Victor Feldman - music
Sam Farrell - comedy sketch
'Slow Return' by Tim O'Connell
(Tickletoc)- short film


Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 26th June

26th June @ 8pm

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our Midsummer Mini-Salons!

26th June salon line-up

Pianist Alberto Gariglio ,
John Collins and actors - surreal play,
Shawn Jones & Cyril Lawrence - jazz improvisation
Sancho Gallilei
'Live Animal Possession',
Emma Pearson - Crash Test Cabaret
Zoltan - '
Un Chien Andalou' live soundtrack
Clodagh Downing - extract '
The Evolution of Lauren Begaun'
Anne Lillis & Kim Porcelli -
'Rose Lawless'


Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 12th & 19th June

Friday 12th, 19th & 26th June

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our Midsummer Mini-Salons!

12th June salon Line-up

Icarus Crane (video & performance artist - live)
Riona Hartman (musician)
Julien Longchamp and Kim Porcelli (projections and live cello)
Hillary Williams (performance artist)
Julyo and the Photosonic Orchestra (electronic music)

19th June salon Line-up

Oil & Blood (old style acoustic American music)
Emily Aoibheann (experiment in visual perception)
Sean Dunne (theatrical performance)
Victor Feldman (voice performance)
Coco La Bouche (comedy sketch)
"Rooflanders" by Sven Werner (short film)
"Tango in D Minor" by maurizio usai (short film)
Flamenco dance & music by special guests
VIDEO ART in the alcove by:
Laura O'Connor
Daryl Slein

Seamus Bradley - Steady State No.1


Steve Argüelles + Morla - Thursday June 11th

Steve Argüelles + Morla Thursday June 11th @ 8.30pm

Steve Argüelles [solo drum set]
Drummer, producer, record label boss. Born in the Beat Boom, still going beat boom. The Beat, that moment of perfect tone and timing, syncopated, right between when you most and least expect it. He keeps his toms tuned low and they have that big boom. A restless experimenter and ravenous consumer of musical alternatives.

Morla [Seán Óg/Simon Jermyn]
All About Jazz describes this duo as "undeniably powerful and at times beautiful improvisation". Fresh from performing at the Foligno Jazz Festival, Messers Óg and Jermyn are at the top of their game - passionate improvised music.

Bottlenote is a collective of Dublin's most interesting musicians working in improvised, jazz and creative music. We put on our own performances, release music and make Dublin a safer place for what we do.

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