Black Church Print Studio Open & Invited Exhibition


Curated by Oliver Dowling, John Graham, and Margaret O’Brien.

Exhibition Dates: 12 February - 4 March 2010
Daily viewings: Monday - Saturday, 11am - 5.30pm

Preview at the original print gallery:

Thursday 11 February, 6 - 8pm, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Concerned with the unseen, overlooked, or hidden, Invisible is an exhibition that takes what we can’t see as its starting point. Artists, invited and selected from open submission, present work that investigates or challenges the dominance of our visual sense. Hosting a wide variety of materials and approaches, Invisible is an exhibition that explores the desire to look for the truth beyond appearances.
Invisible is presented at various locations around Dublin city, including; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Original Print Gallery, Back Loft, and Digital Hub Development Agency. The individual artworks will create an ‘invisible’ network, existing alongside and in relation to the many places and events they engage with.
Participating invited artists are Gerard Byrne, Brian Duggan, Clodagh Emoe, Martin Healy, Mark Joyce, Seán Lynch, Susan MacWilliam, Isabel Nolan, Paul Nugent, Liam O’Callaghan and Sarah Pierce. The exhibition will also include artists selected from an open submission process. John Graham and Margaret O’Brien will also exhibit.

Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, D8 <http://www.imma.ie/>, The Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, <http://www.projectartscentre.ie/>, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios (TBG&S), 5 - 9 Temple Bar, D2, <http://www.templebargallery.com/>, Original Print Gallery, 4 Temple Bar, D2, <http://www.originalprint.ie/>, The Back Loft, c/o La Catedral Studios, 7/11 St Augustine St, D8 (off Thomas St.) www.lacatedralstudios.org
Curiosity Cabinet, 4 Temple Bar, D2 www.print.ie, Digital Hub Development Agency, Digital Exchange, Crane Street, The Digital Hub, D8 www.thedigitalhub.com.


Ephemeral Salons: Sunday 13th December

A full day of in-house curated salons celebrating visual and performing arts. FREE ADMISSION
2pm-7pm - 'Bah Humbug' visual arts salon and ephemeral cafe

An informal platform for emerging visual artists to sell their work at accessible prices and participate in an atmospheric Christmas salon of music, tea and food. Special guest pianists Alberto Gariglio and Elder Roche will be playing live, while a lively cafe offers mouth-watering cakes donated by local eateries (Matchabar Tea Emporium,The Food Gallery and Just off Francis).
Artworks will be on sale from 25 selected emerging and established artists working in multiple media including drawings, illustrations, photography, printing, mixed-media, stencil & graffiti art. Perfect for original and creative gift-giving! Curated by the Back Loft Creative Team.

For more information please email: blcreativeteam@gmail.com

8pm - midnight - MAMUSKA DUBLIN

La Cat Salons presents Mamuska Dublin, an experimental platform of short performances - opening a space for raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces and playful nonsense in an informal environment where audience and artists meet and mingle.
Complimentary drinks will be on offer with a raffle at the end of the night.


1 -
Rachel Devlyn - 'Bel Canto' - DANCE
2 - Ruth Lehane - clowning sketch - CLOWNING
3 - Antje Schneider - Plusminus 1 - DANCE
4 - Seamus Bradley - Waggle Dance - MUSIC/SPOKEN WORD
5 - Diane Reddington - Simple Traces II - DANCE/LIVE DRAWING
6 - Paul Roy - Autocoma1/Tunnel - VIDEO/SOUND ART
7 - Hillary Williams - experiments in presence - SPOKEN WORD
8 - The Zoryanna - Bellydance - DANCE
9 - Deirdre Murphy - contemporary dance - DANCE
10 - Anne Lillis - Jean D'Arc de Triomphe - COMEDY/CABARET

Supported by the Arts Council.



ZERO GRAVITY - Combined-media festival - Presented by "ART FRECKLES"

Admission: €5 - one day ticket, €10 for a 3-day pass

Events schedule:

4 th dec – Opening Night from 7pm to 10.30pm,

5th Dec – Showcase of performances and visual art, from 2pm to 10.30pm,

6th Dec – Closing party from 1pm to 6pm.A new vibrant artist-initiated combined-media festival, a 3-day platform of thriving art, acoustic & experimental music, short-films and dance, live art perfo & extravaganza.

Art Freckles celebrates the diversity of all art forms by promoting and showcasing risk taking, out of the box and emerging as well as established artists.Curated by Iwona Stefanczuk & Magda Nowacka.

Zero gravity features 28 different artists/performers from the most diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


*FRIDAY* 4th of December, 7:00pm - Opening of the Exhibition of 15 Artists. 7pm- Brigit Katharine McCone (comedy performance), 8pm - Lisa McLaughlin (acoustic music), 9pm - Laura Sheeran (looper, experimental music), 10pm - headline show by Reader'sWives.

*SATURDAY* 5th of December, 2pm - opening, 3pm- 5pm - DJ sets by: Friction Fire and Dr. Time, 5:30pm - Eleventy Four (acoustic MUSIC) 6pm - 7pm Deirdre Murphy & Julie Lockett - (dance performance) 8pm- James Guilmartin (acoustic music) 9pm- Apollonia (belly-dance performance), 10pm – headline show by Grayson.

*SUNDAY* 6th of December, 1pm opening, 2pm-5pm - independent movies by Tomtom Kulesza and Brigit Katharine McConeMore info:





Pelleas and Melisande

December 1st, 8pm
€8/€5, reception to follow.

Written by Maurice Maeterlinck
Directed by Katie O'Kelly and Claire Hughes

Let the chorus carry you on a fairytale journey to the kingdom of Old Allemonde. This enchanted land of ancient castles, shadowy forests and raging seas is alive and breathes, its rivers and waters whispering the call of fate. Prince Goulad’s discovery of a young girl by a spring unleashes a painful tale of obsession and perceptions, desire and death.

Pelleas and Melisande is a fresh and dynamic physical theatre piece devised by a group of young practitioners and invited for a special one-night-only appearance at the Back Loft following its successful run at Player's Theatre in Trinity College.

More info: mcconeb@tcd.ie



A one night only event!
Thursday 3rd December from 6-9:30 pm

Finding a grain of reality in today's popular view of conflicts and taking it with a grain of salt, Cannons & Muses presents a collection of work that shows the grainy reality behind the polished image reflecting from the mass media.



Opening reception 6-9 pm Wed 2nd December.

"Established in 1948, Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) is the photography society of Trinity College Dublin. We offer members the opportunity to improve their photography skills, while providing a forum for exhibiting their work. With over 300 wonderful members/DUPAlings, this year's Christmas Exhibion promises a delightful array of festive photos and seasonal snaps!
See our flickr group on this link .



Monday 9th of November-8pm, admission 7 euro.

Tickletoc.Com & friends invites you to a night of mayhem, movie madness music and live entertainment. Presenting an evening of TickleToc's finest and most unusual films along with fellow collaborators in the world of music, performance and visual arts. A rollercoaster ride of acts will entertain you along with screenings of favourites, including - Daddy's Girl, Giddy: Tiggy and H.C.S and recently nominated for the Irish Music Television video award Mol An Aimsir by Enda Reilly.
This unique event will feature the night's premier of 2 new surprise films, and acts by Uncle Dangerous's Uneasy Listening, shocking musical comedy, Kevin McGahern, Bulmers King of Comedy finalist, the Cullen family, a mix of rock, opera and instruments. 4 Theye, experimental audio-visual entertainment, Simon Toal performing an excerpt from his play "Love, Death and Balloon Modeling".
More info:http://www.tickletoc.com/



Friday 27th November 8pm-11pm 10Euro BYOB

Tickets available at tickets.ie , road records and city disc records.

Initially inspired by the guitarists of the 60’s Takoma label to teach himself fingerpicking, James Blackshaw writes long-form pieces primarily for solo 12-string guitar and piano that are heavily influenced by minimalist composers and European classical music and which use drones, overtones and repeating patterns alongside a strong inclination for melody to create instrumental music that is both intelligent, hypnotic and emotionally charged. Blackshaw has recently signed to Michael Gira's (Swans/Angels of Light) Young God Records label and his seventh studio album was released in May 2009.


Supporting acts:

Cian Nugent http://www.myspace.com/ciannugent

At last an Atlas http://www.myspace.com/atlastanatlas

Owensie http://www.myspace.com/owensiemusic



Saturday 28th november8pm, Adm E 8

Not quite jazz, not quite folk, not quite the blues - the music is blend of all three with some other musical surprises thrown in for good measure! Monica and company, who comprise of Michael on piano, Ciaran on double bass, Dave on guitar, Aaron on drums and Oisin on the viola have received a really great reaction to the Dublin audiences that they're played to. The songs have strong melodic lines beautifully suspended by the musical arrangements of the band. There's album's worth of songs which the band plan to record before the end of the year, for a sample of what they sound like check out www.myspace.com/monicaharkin


Embracing the grittier side of life and paving the way with slapping grooves and roots overtones, ELDER’s theatrical story telling has likened him to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and David Bowie.
The fabulous Single “DIAMOND”- taken from his forthcoming studio album “NOBODY KNOWS” has already landed ELDER ROCHE with a serious amount of support and has lead to sold out shows in Dublin with the onset of a Nationwide tour. This Dublin based musical poet has shared the stage with many of Ireland’s well known’s- Paddy Casey, Damien Rice, Juno Falls, Juliet Turner and Damien Dempsey. www.myspace.com/elderroche



"Fac(e)ing XXI Century"
Opening Thursday 15th October, 6-9pm
Daily viewings Fri 16th-Sat 17th, 3pm-8pm

This is the first solo exhibition by Tomasz Olejnik after a group show hosted at The Back Loft in June 2008, “MADE TO LAST” a joint effort by a collective of mixed-media Polish artists. The Polish Express Magazine featured a short interview of the artist, which may be downloaded from www.polskiexpress.ie.

"When you look back in time, somewhere at the beginning of 20th century, all these fantastic vintage photographs had one main purpose. To document events and to portray people....I would like to invite you to look at portraits as they are made today, in the 21st century"...Personally, I like to think that the quote below somehow defines what I do and what I really enjoy in photography. "Less is more" ... style in which the least possible amount of form shapes, colors, or lines are used to reduce the concept or idea to its simplest form (geometric shapes, progressions) -- http://www.artsconnected.org/artsnetmn/identity/idvocab.html



Sat 24th October from 4.00-8.30 pm
Sun 25th October from 1.00-5.00pm

The name ASAP (As Soon As Possible) was devised by a group of emerging artists & newly graduates in response to the hasty organization of the exhibit. We felt the title should show the speed of the exhibition from theory to reality since we had only just over a month to bring it from a fledgling idea to an exhibition of substantial character.

Our motive for this show was to represent the talents and techniques of our group of emerging visual artists and to create an enjoyable atmosphere for both the exhibitors and our guests. Though our numerous motifs and styles may differ greatly we felt that the work we have currently been developing would compliment each other greatly. We also felt that with life in Ireland being the way it is now, the arts have developed a new and profound meaning which is a great boon for anyone like ourselves trying to burst onto the scene.

ASAP is a not a collaborative in the traditional sense of the word. There is no underlying theme to the project. We all use what inspires us and we follow that as far as we can. We are all individuals and our work expresses that inherent individuality perfectly I believe.

Harry Walsh's work is primarily Acrylic paints on canvas or paper.
William Whyte is combining drawings and sketches with sound.
Paul Gallagher's work is consists of Oil paints on Canvas.
Matthew Slack works primarily with installation in college, although for this exhibit he is planning a series of pieces where he combines the 2-dimensional, with the 3-dimensional.
Scott Kelly (http://www.nestofcrows.carbonmade.com/), works with Pen and Ink, Pencils. Flash, Watercolor and inkwash primarily
The music on the night will be performed by Carla Olivia Brunell a renowned artist in Dublin.


The Brainbelt

Opening reception 6-8 pm - wed - 11th november.
Daily viewings thur 12th - sun 15th. 13-7pm.

The Brainbelt collective is pleased to announce the launch of its first show in the Back Loft on the 11th of November. The project will bring together a diverse group of 14 artists from a range of disciplines, including sculpture, design, video and photography.
For this project however, each artist has stepped outside of their normal practice, and will be presenting work they've created of an illustrative nature. On the night there promises to be a wide selection of paintings, drawings, and all things illustrated, accompanied by some music and wine. Some of the works on parade will also be
for sale. The people of Brainbelt say 'hello' and hope to see you there.
More info:


"INVISIBLE" Call for Artists from Black Church Print Studios

Black Church Print Studios Temple Bar (in conjunction with The Back Loft and other city centre locations) is calling for artists to submit work in all media for a three week exhibition in February 2010


A4 SOUNDS in collaboration with The Back Loft presents "A4 SOUNDS IS A WIND UP!"

1st November 09 -3pm till late

An interactive night of painting, cutting, colouring, 3D sculptures, windup toys, mechanical visuals, music and dancing!
"A4 Sounds" is a collective based in Dublin with some members stretching as far as Canada and the States, such as textile artists, sculptors, printers, painters, model makers, photographers, engineers, musicians and composers.
For "A4 Sounds Is A Wind Up!" this time they are bringing a new show to the Back Loft where the audience will be encouraged to paint on canvas, cut out and colour 3d sculptures and windup, push, pull and cycle as many gears as possible for a visual show with a difference! They have gone 3D for this one so they ask everyone to come wearing handdrawn/homemade 3D glasses to make this show very special. As always there will be acoustic music from various members of the collective adding to this mechanical atmosphere on the day from acts such as gland & conduit.
Gland and conduit
Scurvy lass
Blue bottle farm and Vanessa parody
Tony Higgins

Jonny Black
Linda Kavanagh
Jojo Hynes
Saoirse Cullen
Aoife Noonan
Ben O'Connor
Shorter trousers
Rachel Cunningham
Sharon O’Grady
Nick Boon
More information:www.myspace.com/A4SOUNDS



Bottlenotemusic presents:

Togetherness with Hugues Mayot (from Strasbourg).
Saturday 19th September 2009
Doors Open at 8pm, gig start 8.30pm sharp, Adm € 8
"considerable ingenuity and imagination"
- Ray Comiskey, Irish Times (4 stars)
"a lush group texture that makes four instruments sound like an orchestra."
- Cormac Larkin, Sunday Tribune (4 stars)
Togetherness are a Dublin based jazz quartet led by pianist /composer Justin Carroll and featuring Sean Carpio on drums, Dave Redmond on bass and Hugues Mayot on tenor saxophone. With a critically acclaimed debut album released earlier this year Togetherness are keeping a busy touring schedule with dates at this years Young Generation Jazz Festival Berlin and the Cork Jazz Festival, and last years Bray Jazz Festival and 12 Points! Festival.



3rd: 12 - 6pm general viewing, 6pm - 9pm opening party
4th: 12 - 8pm general viewing
5th: 12 - 8pm general viewing, 8pm - 10pm short movies
6th: 12 - 8pm general viewing
7th: 12 - 7pm general viewing, 7pm - 10pm closing night with live music (acoustic guitar and singers)8th: 12 - 8pm general viewing
PUBLIC FURNICATION: The love of furniture design – a public exhibition.
A furniture, object and lighting design exhibition showcasing exciting new work by LOCKER13 (Karl Medcalf & Shane Wilson), Sticks Fine Furnitures (Andy Burdock & Nik O’Donnell), Phil Galbraith and Hugo Thompson. A series of new designs which highlight the diverse approach taken by the designers in creating their individual pieces: bespoke, hand-crafted furniture; designs which recycle waste materials; and pieces incorporating found objects.
SHOTS FIRED IN THE CITY: A photographic study of the urban environment.

An exhibition featuring six of Dublin's finest photographers, each presenting their own personal study of the fabric of our built environment. A fusion of distinct styles combines to create a fascinating look at architecture through the artist's lens. Works by Dara Mulhern, Barry Keogh, Rachel Randall, Andy Sheridan, Paul O’Connell, David Kelly and Sarah Doyle.

More info contact: email@locker13design.com


The Alex Mathias Quartet - 4th October

On the 4th October at 8 pm @ The Back Loft

24-Year old Saxophonist and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) graduate Alex Mathias is joined by some of Ireland's most notable jazz talents to perform an evening of original music. Alex draws his compositions from a variety of styles including jazz, funk, and latin music, among others. His use of catchy melodies and diverse styles pulls the listener in as the band proceeds to captivate the audience with lyrical, high energitc improvisations.
Take a listen at:



An intime theatre setting for the Waterwarn performance at the Back Loft during the 2009 Absolute Fringe



What driveth the man? Out to sea, alone; lured by hope, body well worn, exhausted. Join the voyage. Come aboard the boat. Enter a world of shadow puppets, movement and theatre. Embark on a tale inspired by Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea and Melville's Moby Dick. Created and performed by Ger Clancy and Monika Bieniek.

All those with sea legs welcome.
For further information please contact the Box Office on 1850 374643 http://www.fringefest.com/


Duin music gig

Italian ethnic and fusion band playing for the first time in Dublin @ The Back Loft.
The DUIN fuses traditional sicilian music with lyrics inspired by the world of Elfs.It is a journey through folk, jazz, blues and every influence of our time.
The Duin are: Sara Romano - voice and guitar, Carmelo Clemente - keyboards, Roberta Miano - violin, Giuseppe Arici - electric bass


Open Night - 25th September 2009

La Catedral Studios presents its third annual Open Night as part of the citywide “Culture Night” on 25th September showcasing an array of exciting and diverse work by the resident artists of La Catedral Studios, who are opening their private studios to the public for one night only, as well as a varied programme of experimental performances in the adjoining Back Loft venue.
Visitors will be encouraged to meet the artists, see their works in progress in their studio spaces, purchase original artworks and enjoy the laidback, bohemian atmosphere of one of Dublin’s largest independent arts venues.

Our resident artists work in painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, jewellery, fashion, ceramics, mixed-media, set and graphic design.

Culture Night Programme:

OPEN STUDIOS - 5pm-midnight - visit the artists in their studio, view work in progress and purchase original artwork directly.

MAMUSKA DUBLIN (expect the unexpected!!), 8.00pm - midnight @ the Back Loft. Supported by the Arts Council. A free admission showcase of experimental short performances in the field of dance, theatre, video and everything in between! Open your mind and prepare for a lively evening of creative madness.

Ruth Lehane (clowning), Riona Hartman & Sam Kavanagh (music), Rachel Devlyn (character improvisation), Seamus Bradley (multimedia eulogy), Niamh Lawlor (multimedia puppetry), Roland Gomez ('hang' instrumental performance), Stephen James Smith (guerilla poetry), Aine Belton (experimental film), Anne Lillis aka 'Jean D'Arc de Triomphe' (cabaret), Emma Pearson (cabaret)

Supported by the Arts Council. Part of the citywide 'Culture Night'.

Curator: Brigit McCone
Producer: Antonella Scanu
Technical supervisor: Costanzo Idini.
Mamuska Dublin is part of the international network “Mamuska Nights”, which includes Tokyo, Helsinki, Leeds, Limerick and Kerry.

RAFFLE - fundraising initiative - 9pm - midnight in the Back Loft. Prizes including original work by artists at La Catedral Studios. Complimentary drink with each ticket.

La Catedral Studios is an autonomous self-funded artistic initiative.
Our Culture Night programme aims to showcase the best of our ethos and work, encouraging the production and enjoyment of art by offering studio space for artists to work in and performance platforms for them to try out risk-taking, boundary-pushing art.


Sycamore Street Theatre Company

Sycamore Street Theatre Company
William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

One of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies featuring a Duke, an Amazon Queen, an angry father, two pairs of troubled young lovers, as well as a naughty hobgoblin, various touchy-feely fairies and a group of rough-n-ready Mechanicals with a penchant for theatrics.

Directed by Jane Mulcahy, with Ailish Leavy, Brendan Hickey, Cathal McGuire, Edwin Mullane, Emmet Flood, Eoin Langford, Jennifer O’Neill, Liam Heslin, Paul Nolan, Ronán P Byrne, Suzanne McLoughlin, Tommy Campbell.

26th, 28th, 29th, 30thAugust 2009 - 8 pm @ The Back Loft

Matinee performance: Saturday 29th - 2 pm

27th August, 8pm @ Emo Court, Emo, County Laois.

Tickets : €10 on opening night (26th) and matinee.

All other Back Loft performances €12 and €10 concession (Pensioners, students, unemployed people).

€15 for Emo Court performance.

For further information:
call: 087 1260590 or send an email to: sycamorestreettheatrecompany@gmail.com


Creativity/Works Workshop - 16th August

Creativity/Works presents a unique full day workshop by facilitators Nicole Rourke and Ruth Lehane, to unleash creative potential and free the mind and body for spontaneous self-expression.

The Back Loft, 16th August, 10.30 - 5.00pm with 1 hour lunch break. €40

A wide variety of exercises and interactive games throughout the day explore different portions of the creative mind, utilising movement, text, colour-response and body sculpture to stimulate the imagination and get the creative juices flowing!

Nicole Rourke has 20 years' experience as a performer, playwright and workshop facilitator in Ireland and the UK as well as in Israel, Poland and Singapore. She is trained in physical theatre, and currently works as a creative writing teacher at the Irish Writer's Centre.

Ruth Lehane trained in theatre at Trinity College Dublin and at le Coq in Paris. She is a highly experienced performer and facilitator in drama training and role-play for business.

The workshop is open to all adults with curiosity and a willingness to explore!
To book email: rourkenicole@yahoo.co.uk or phone 086 8576705

PIERRE EMMANUEL GODET - Visual Art Exhibition - July 9 2009

Pierre - Emmanuel Godet

SOLO SHOW @ THE BACK LOFT Opening Reception Wednesday 8 July, from 6 to 8pm, on show until Thursday 9th July from 12pm to 8 pm.

'THE SILENT WORLD' is the first Solo show of French Dublin based artist Pierre-Emmanuel Godet. The exhibition will present a serie of Fish-based paintings, merging the audience into a modern underwater diving experience, like the famous Oceanographer J-Y Cousteau did in the 1950's movie "The Silent World", with a pop-art perception this time...

The exhibition will also present the last Oil paintings made "plein-air" in Clontarf, including Bull island landscapes, Clontarf Road seascapes and Northside Dublin, where the artist is living.
Pierre-Emmanuel Godet is a self taught Artist, and officialy working as a full time job painter since January 2008. He is living and working in Dublin. He is the winner of the RPA-Luas Art competition 2008 with the "Jungle Luas", exhibited at the Kennedy Gallery and made several exhibitions in Dublin City libraries , and more particulary a 15 days live performance in the ILAC Central Library.

Further information, contact : pe@pagazine.com


Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 3rd July

Friday 3rd July @ 8pm

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our last Midsummer Mini-Salon @ The Back Loft! Artists and audience mingle in a relaxed environment for varied, informal nights of fresh, risk-taking and exploratory performance, live art, experimental music and film.

3rd July salon line-up

Stephen James Smith - Urban poetry
Laura Sheeran - experimental music
"The Chronoscope", by Andrew Legge with Serena Brabazon - short film
Roberta Miano -Violin
"Trials and Tribulations of a 3-minute workout"
by Bonnie Jeanne Lawless - short film
Trisha O' Keeffe & Shawn Jones - Guitar & bass
'You're a very Naughty Boy' by Katherine Nolan - short film
Cressida Fustian - comedy sketch
Victor Feldman - music
Sam Farrell - comedy sketch
'Slow Return' by Tim O'Connell
(Tickletoc)- short film


Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 26th June

26th June @ 8pm

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our Midsummer Mini-Salons!

26th June salon line-up

Pianist Alberto Gariglio ,
John Collins and actors - surreal play,
Shawn Jones & Cyril Lawrence - jazz improvisation
Sancho Gallilei
'Live Animal Possession',
Emma Pearson - Crash Test Cabaret
Zoltan - '
Un Chien Andalou' live soundtrack
Clodagh Downing - extract '
The Evolution of Lauren Begaun'
Anne Lillis & Kim Porcelli -
'Rose Lawless'


Midsummer Mini-Salons! - 12th & 19th June

Friday 12th, 19th & 26th June

Celebrate madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification at our Midsummer Mini-Salons!

12th June salon Line-up

Icarus Crane (video & performance artist - live)
Riona Hartman (musician)
Julien Longchamp and Kim Porcelli (projections and live cello)
Hillary Williams (performance artist)
Julyo and the Photosonic Orchestra (electronic music)

19th June salon Line-up

Oil & Blood (old style acoustic American music)
Emily Aoibheann (experiment in visual perception)
Sean Dunne (theatrical performance)
Victor Feldman (voice performance)
Coco La Bouche (comedy sketch)
"Rooflanders" by Sven Werner (short film)
"Tango in D Minor" by maurizio usai (short film)
Flamenco dance & music by special guests
VIDEO ART in the alcove by:
Laura O'Connor
Daryl Slein

Seamus Bradley - Steady State No.1


Steve Argüelles + Morla - Thursday June 11th

Steve Argüelles + Morla Thursday June 11th @ 8.30pm

Steve Argüelles [solo drum set]
Drummer, producer, record label boss. Born in the Beat Boom, still going beat boom. The Beat, that moment of perfect tone and timing, syncopated, right between when you most and least expect it. He keeps his toms tuned low and they have that big boom. A restless experimenter and ravenous consumer of musical alternatives.

Morla [Seán Óg/Simon Jermyn]
All About Jazz describes this duo as "undeniably powerful and at times beautiful improvisation". Fresh from performing at the Foligno Jazz Festival, Messers Óg and Jermyn are at the top of their game - passionate improvised music.

Bottlenote is a collective of Dublin's most interesting musicians working in improvised, jazz and creative music. We put on our own performances, release music and make Dublin a safer place for what we do.

Mp3s, News and full details at http://www.bottlenotemusic.com


Nouveau Vadge - 27th n'28th June

Nouveau Vadge 27th June @ 6pm

A week-end of music, art, and all sorts of cunst showcasing all female artist in all media!

Sat 27th- Opening reception 6-10pm followed by a music gig at 10pm in Thomas House, Thomas St. D8

Sun 28th Open to the public from 12-6pm

Adm free


Gato Azul concert

Thursday 4th June, 8pm

Drawing their main inspiration from the endless well of Brazilian music, GATO AZUL perform sambas, choros and forro’ alongside original pieces by great Brazilian composers such as Hermeto Paschoal, Egberto Gismonti and Guinga. Gato Azul enhance this repertoire with a unique blend of flamenco rhythms, jazz improvisation and Irish swing.

Gato Azul is an ensemble founded by Francesco Turrisi that also comprises of Lucas Gonzales and Brian Dunning

Italian accordionist and pianist Francesco Turrisi is equally at home with Jazz (with his own piano trio), Mediterranean music (with Tarab), eastern European music (with Yurodny) and the accordion driven frenetic rhythms of Forro'. Lucas Gonzalez is a versatile guitarist and percussionist from Argentina whose experience encompasess different styles such as flamenco, classical and South American traditional music. Brian Dunning is a renowned Irish flute player. His background is in both Jazz and Irish traditional music. He has been touring extensively with the New World band Nightnoise and with his own trio Puck Fair.

For this performance Gato Azul will invite special guest singer Sonia Esquivel to join the group. Sonia is a Paraguayan/Brazilian singer based in Dublin. She has studied in Asunción and Paris and has taken part in several projects, from jazz to South American folk, to Brazilian music and tango. She has performed in Paraguay, Spain, France and Ireland.


ARTY PARTY (there is no better name coming, ever)

The 3rd and final ArtyParty , coming 13th June in the Back loft.
6.30 Opening, free in till 7.30, then €5/€8, close at midnight.

BRING YOUR OWN DRINK and please use the bins.

ArtyParty (There is no better name coming) is a collective of young artists and musicians who want to set a different platform for art exhibitions, to make it more like a gig/event than a normal exhibition opening. This one off night aims to change how we view and interact with art, and is trying to incorporate the audience as much as possible.

Merging Art with Music, featuring poetry, spoken word, video art, projections, visuals, sculpture, interactive live performance and art making, sound art, light installations. Over 15 artists and musicians combined to make a one night exhibition party, featuring Stephen James Smith (Spoken), Kevin Nolan (Spoken), A Room For Improvement (Live Visual Performance), Hugh Cooney (Live Performance), Turf Boon, Barry Quinn, Loki Bee, Fiona Spiers, Wendy Stephens, Mia Marshmallow and many many more. Music comes from Dublin SingerSongwriters James Guilmartin, Mark Flynn, Steve from Bojangled and Bo Sean Ford Owen.


No Drama Theatre Company

Performing "A Night at the Invasion"
May 21st - 23rd
Doors open at 8 pm, show starts at 8:30 pm
Admission 12E / 10E

In this fictitious account we see the struggle between the artist and the advertiser. How an artist retains his integrity while attempting to keep the money men happy. We meet the cast and crew behind the events that changed broadcasting laws forever. And the ego that sparked it all...

Join us, for a Night At The Invasion!
Additional info can be found here

Contact Details:
Barry O'Donovan (mobile) 0877640204 (email) barryodonovan@gmail.com


dry ice theatre company

Wedn 29th, Thur 30th April & Fri 1st May at 8pm

This is the end of the year production showcase 'Can you hear me?' by the students attending the 3rd year full time course in Colaiste Dhulaigh. The production contains three plays and a monologue "The Unwanted", "Threehander", "Hungry People" and "King Henry V" (monologue).


La Cat Salons: open call for work

La Cat Salons inhouse programming seeks short performance pieces and video art for salon evenings at the Back Loft. Free artist participation.

Email lacatsalons@gmail.com with your proposals.
For more info, visit the La Cat Salons blog.


'Venn Diagram: A Love Story" with Riona Hartman and Banbha McCann

April Thursday 9th
Doors 8.30pm

'Venn Diagram: A Love Story" with Riona Hartman and Banbha McCann Thursday 9th of April @ The Back Loft.
Doors Open at 830pm. Admission 10€ / 5€ student concession & complimentary drink (limited to those who arrive early)

'Venn Diagram: A Love Story' is a collaboration between Riona Hartman and Banbha McCann a visual artist and practicing architect. Following three years of studying architecture in UCD both Riona and Banbha decided to pursue their respective beloveds: music and art. On April 9th in the Back Loft they will mutually pursue them; Riona will be singing her own original tunes with a band while Banbha presents a selection of her films. Some of these works will be married, some will have a tentative open relationship with each other and some will be completely independent of one another. The idea for the event came about because Riona and Banbha noticed some overlap in their work, which is hardly surprising considering their shared experiences (they grew up together, went to the same schools, studied in college together). Banbha's short 'Crossing the Water (highly commended at the Fresh Film Festival) based on the Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, approaches the theme of suicide in much the same way as my own song Kamikaze. They both split it the process into the calm, dignified intellectual aspect and the turbulent, doubtful emotional result.

The band on the night will be of Sam Kavangh on saxaphone and backing vocals, Dan OCallaghan on double bass, Lucie OFlynn on violin and backing vocals and Steven McNamara on guitar.