Sat 24th October from 4.00-8.30 pm
Sun 25th October from 1.00-5.00pm

The name ASAP (As Soon As Possible) was devised by a group of emerging artists & newly graduates in response to the hasty organization of the exhibit. We felt the title should show the speed of the exhibition from theory to reality since we had only just over a month to bring it from a fledgling idea to an exhibition of substantial character.

Our motive for this show was to represent the talents and techniques of our group of emerging visual artists and to create an enjoyable atmosphere for both the exhibitors and our guests. Though our numerous motifs and styles may differ greatly we felt that the work we have currently been developing would compliment each other greatly. We also felt that with life in Ireland being the way it is now, the arts have developed a new and profound meaning which is a great boon for anyone like ourselves trying to burst onto the scene.

ASAP is a not a collaborative in the traditional sense of the word. There is no underlying theme to the project. We all use what inspires us and we follow that as far as we can. We are all individuals and our work expresses that inherent individuality perfectly I believe.

Harry Walsh's work is primarily Acrylic paints on canvas or paper.
William Whyte is combining drawings and sketches with sound.
Paul Gallagher's work is consists of Oil paints on Canvas.
Matthew Slack works primarily with installation in college, although for this exhibit he is planning a series of pieces where he combines the 2-dimensional, with the 3-dimensional.
Scott Kelly (, works with Pen and Ink, Pencils. Flash, Watercolor and inkwash primarily
The music on the night will be performed by Carla Olivia Brunell a renowned artist in Dublin.