Evening in Paradise - An exhibition of paintings by Eddie McGee

Opening reception Sunday July 21 from 3pm-9pm.
Monday 22nd to Friday 26th, viewing by appointment only (Tel: 086 8223724. E-mail: eddie.mcgee@gmail.com.)

Research Scientist turned painter, Eddie McGee’s is proud to present ‘Evening in Paradise’. Although science and the arts are seen as being poles apart, McGee brings them close, with the belief that art and science depend primarily on imagination and creativity, and much of his inspiration relates to the scientific study of the natural world.

Anyone who has ever looked down a high powered microscope will recognise the source of some of his abstract images. Some of the paintings are botanical, but he’s also inclined to dream of where science will take us in the future, and paint a world where gravity is conquered and movement and travel are effortless with themes of unknown worlds where anything can happen.

For more information about the artist: http://www.eddiemcgee.org/