Doors open 7.30, E 10/8 admission

Movement of Sound seeks to combine movement and sound in a way that will speak across a number of artistic platforms, attracting fresh and untried audiences and creating new and more complete experiences of movement, sound, movement through sound and sound through movement. This project will involve 4 artists: Karen Power (Composer / Live Electronics), Mary Nunan (Dancer and Choreographer), Deirdre O’Leary (Clarinettist) and Kate Ellis (Cellist).

This type of program aims to bring a more holistic performance to its audience, where sound, sight and movement are all considered equally, creating a specific type of environment.

Movement of sound combines a new collaborative work between Mary Nunan and Karen Power with exciting Irish premiers by international composers; Saariaho, Tiensuu and Hyla.

CALL FOR ARTISTS! Mamuska Dublin


MAMUSKA DUBLIN Friday 10th June 2011 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm

La Catedral Studios calls local, national and international artists to participate in the upcoming Mamuska Dublin. This is a unique occasion to present and view evolving works, raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense, first steps... all in the context of an informal environment where like-minded artists meet, mingle, discuss and receive feedback from the audience. Be a part of it!
A maximum of ten artists will present their work with regular lively musical breaks for discussion.

To submit your work, fill out the attached form and return to this address.

Submission criteria:

* open to works in the fields of dance, live performance, live installation, sound and video art
* all works must be under 10 minutes long
* all works must have very simple technical set up and requirements
* send title, duration and brief description of work submitted
* send short CV of people involved
* inclusion of supporting material is recommended

Closing Date For Submissions: 15th May 2011

Email all submissions to La Cat Salons curator Brigit McCone at Dublin is supported by the Arts Council.



A very exclusive day of Dance and Movement workshops.

22nd of May 2011 from 11am to 9.20pm.

Soul Dance Group, together with Space 54, is delighted to present a one-day workshop event featuring some of the best dancers and performers in Dublin.

The event has been created for those who are fully open to engage with their body and connect to their soul.

We want people to share with us the unique experience of being part of a genuine holistic group in dance and movement.

This is a pre-booking event only. Bookings will open from Tuesday 12th April 2011 at the BackLoft, c/o La Catedral Studios, St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8 and online at

Tickets for each workshop are €11.

All enquiries please contact Francesca at:

Soul Dance Facilitators and Event Schedule:

1. 11.00 to 12.00 Nicola Staunton (Hatha Yoga)

2. 12.20 to 13.20 Niamph Condron (Body Harmony Dance)

3. 13.40 to 14.40 Bella A go go (Tribal Rajasthan Dance)

4. 15.00 to 16.00 Sharyn Cunneen (Laughter yoga workshop)

5. 16.20 to 17.20 Michael Cooney (Contemporary dance)

6. 17.40 to 18.40 Cindy Cummings (Contact Dance)

7. 19.00 to 20.00 Serena Brabazon (Physical theatre)

8. 20.20 to 21.20 David Mooney (With his embodiment class)

More information on the programme may be found on this LINK

This event has been possible with the support of Space54 and the BackLoft.


TRASH by Claudia Schwartz

A piece of experimental music theatre

Sunday 15th and Monday 16th May 8pm, followed by an open A/Q talk with the artist and by an atmospheric Berlin style bar...

- E 10/8 admission

A new theatrical piece by Berlin actress Claudia Schwartz directed by Liam Halligan. This will be an hour long original piece integrating text, imagery and live music/sound-scape in collaboration with cellist/sound artist Claire Fitch from the NSO.

Trash is a development of a work-in-progress piece called "Filth" , inspired by Austrian playwright Robert Schneider, which Liam and Claudia created for Project Brand New as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival in the Project Arts Centre in 2009.

Some audience feedback on Filth...

'Illuminating on the grotesque power of racism on the self. Really wonderfully and skilfully performed.

'Provoked this amazing sense of unease, sometimes downright creepiness!'

Needs to be seen by more people, doesn't need to be changed at all. Beautiful imagery and Symbolism.'


Dan Trueman & the Patrick Groenland Quintet

Norwegian music evening
Tuesday 17th May 2011
Doors open at
7.30pm - 10

On Norway's national holiday, join the jazz quintet and American Hardanger fiddle-maestro and composer Dan Trueman for an intimate one-off charity event in the atmospheric setting of the Back Loft, as they each represent a contemporary take on Norwegian music, ranging from minimalist folk (visit this link for a sample) to contemporary jazz (sample on this link).
Dan Trueman (Hardanger Fiddle), Goergia Cusack (Voice), Matthew Berrill (Saxophones), Dylan Coleman (Bass), Patrick Groenland (guitar) and Matt Jacobson (Drums).

Scandinavian finger-food available

More info:

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, May 2-14th


By Joseph Mercier (United Kingdom) Irish Premiere

May, Wedn 4-Sat 7th, 9.30 pm
(4 performances only - no Matinée)

In a highly personal and visual performance, multi-talented Joseph
Mercier re-lives his time in the world of tights and tutus, reflecting on
body image, body limits and the constant temptation of his favourite
pair of sleezy black boots. Witness an ambitious dancer push himself
to physical extremes, as he dances to the original music of Giselle
and challenges what it means to be a Prince.

Funny, moving and embarrassing, ‘Giselle, or I’m Too Horny to be a Prince’ is an intimate story of how one’s dreams can collapse and transform, told through dance, kink and exhaustion.

Don’t miss it (4 performances only). Contains nudity and explicit references.
Recommended for ages 16 +

Audience feedback:
“Joseph is a rare find and a great artist of the future.” - Bryonny Kimmings
Audiences at Homotopia and Outburst queer festivals said:
"Fuckin' bril."
"Excellent, performer was vulnerable, likable (lickable). I had no idea ballet was so like bondage!"


By Workshop Theatre Group (USA) - European Premiere
May, Mon 2nd- Sat 7th, 8 pm - Matinée Mon and Sat at 2.30 pm
Doors open 7.30pm.

"Cloaked’ is a rich gender bending drama about power, morality and
fear. The Renaissance flavours and colours this passionate drama
with sexuality and humour.
Starring 2009 IDGTF Best Actor winner, Ricardo Melendez (Nijinsky),
‘Cloaked’ magnificently bends the line between truth and fiction.
‘Cloaked’ is the story of a man whose circumstances force him to obscure his gender and
become Queen of a divided country. Crowned Queen Sofia must rule a country, defend her
subjects, and oppose the wrath that condemns his nature - Unmissable.


By Belt Up Productions (United Kingdom) - Irish Premiere
May, Mon 9th- Sat 14th, 8 pm - Matinée Saturday at 2.30 pm

You are about to be seduced back to 1920 or something by a frantic
group of talented actors at break neck speed. The dust is settling
on a Europe splintered by war. You are brought into Andre Breton’s
apartment as a colleague of the Surrealist art movement. Their
purpose: to pay tribute to the beloved Spanish poet Federico Garcia
Lorca. Join them in re-enacting his life of love, persecution and
revolution. Gradually their motive is revealed to be an attempt to subdue the egotistical Salvador Dali by reminding him of his kindred spirit and former lover, Lorca. By the end of the play though, the Surrealist group lies in tatters, Dali is lost and Lorca is dead and you have had the most amazing interactive theatre experience!

Show 4

By Come as soon as you hear Productions (Ireland)
May, Mon 9th-Sat 14th, 9.30 pm Matinée Saturday at 4.30 pm

You meet someone, you fall in love and then suddenly it all ends in a
horrible explosion. You vow never to love again. But, inevitably, you do.
Love is a cycle.
With music, video, wine and cake, the audience actively participate in
six young characters’ relationship experiences. It doesn’t work out in
real life like it does in the movies.
Come As Soon As You Hear bring you a play for anyone who is in love,
or has been, or will be one day. For boys and girls who love boys and girls.
Watson’s chipper tone and loose form carries an easy charm that’s hard not to warm to.” -
Irish Theatre Magazine.
Secure booking online 24hours at