FOODFIGHT Exhibition

What do six Belfast artists have in common? How about a strangely obsessive draw towards food! Or fighting with it…FOOD FIGHT! is a show that will take the artist out of Belfast and root himself and herself firmly in the realm of foodie heaven, each exploring their sugar-encrusted, fuel vs. taste tendencies.
While other (more conservative one might say) exhibitions deal with worldy issues like love, death, beauty…and dare I say it, politics….this will be an unabashed foray into the one thing we are supposed to do every day of our lives! EAT! What else can you say you do three times a day without your friends staging interventions? Each artist has been thrown in the custardy deep end to sink or swim, providing you with their idea of culinary bliss, exploring their artistic character's relationship with grub, and delving into to pithy depths of their psychological relationship with nom-noms.
Chris Cunningham
Matthew Knight
Dean McDowell
Look out for the balloons we'll have hanging from the ceiling with secret food inside for you to burst!
We're also dead chuffed to be accepted into the warm and cuddly arms of OFFSET this year, who will be letting everyone know about this exhibition on their site as Stuff To Do the week before the big weekend festival kicks off in March.
To see a taster of the work that will be on show, check out the online catalogue!
If that's not enough for you greedy-guts', come along and watch the artists battle for the Killer Cupcake prize in a live painting session, you can win your own arty prize on the night with our old school "guess the weight of the Killer Cupcake" competition, break out some of those moves you learned on New Year's with some banging tunes, and make a jolly old mess bursting our balloon installation that will be filled with mystery food! Tickets will come with a free drawing pin, or you can bring your own.
It's BYOB but there will be some free beers for early birds. You snooze you loose!
Where: the Back Loft gallery, La Catedral Studios, 7-11 Saint Augustine Street, Dublin 8
When: Wednesday March 7th - Sunday March 11th
Opening night: Wednesday March 7th 6pm - 9pm
Tickets: €7 or €5 conc.
After-party: Generator Hostel, Smithfield Square
Official Website
Facebook event page
Online Catalogue

la catedral studios

Not all the cuddly characters that you see every morning at the breakfast table play nice...welcome to the world of the CEREAL KILLERS! - Mytarpit

W. S. Gilbert remarked, "Deer-stalking would be a very fine sport if only the deer had guns." I wanted to expand and play with this idea to see if and how my femme fatales would make their hunter become the hunted. - Anarkitty

‘Prophets not Profits’. A tribute to initially misunderstood and inspiring individuals, who at some point in their lives have starved, lived rough or went without in order to share their gifts with others and become the contemporary icons of our time. - Chris Cunningham

I interpreted 'Food Fight' to be a fight FOR food rather than one WITH food. The innocent girls I normally paint have gone very dark for this exhibition. Its all about survival. - DMC

Don't expect my part of the show to make any sense! Food fights generally don't and I wanted to try capture the absurdity and down right fun that comes out of it. I've gone off and created some madness involving giant killer potatoes, banana wielding cowboys, communist toy tanks firing gunk out their cannons,killer cups and Sherbert Dip loving hearts.! - Matt Knight

"Question Everything". e·mo·tion/iˈmōSHən/ Noun: A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Any of the particular feelings that characterize such a state of mind, such as joy, anger, love, hate, horror, etc.  - Dean McDowell

"A food fight is a form of chaotic collective behavior, in which food is thrown at others in the manner of projectiles. These projectiles are not made to harm or damage others, but to simply ignite a fight filled with spontaneous food throwing." - thank you Wikipedia! At least it wasn't the dictionary…
food fight show exhibition back loft

ZOMBIES- are we dead yet?

Attention zombie genre fans. On Friday 2nd March at 7:00pm Dublintellectual is hosting "Zombies: Are We Dead Yet?" a night of talks, clips and discussion on all this is great (and really, really terrible) about the zombie phenomenon. We're delighted to announce that Conor Mahon, director of Dead Meat and the RTE series Zombie Bashers will be taking part.

Admission is €5, free if you're dressed as a zombie and is BYOB.


Sarah Cleary, "Sex Lives of the Ravenous & Festering".

Sorcha Ni Fhlainn, "The Absent Z Word: Zombies, Identity & the Military in Recent War Cinema".

Emma Radley, "Céad Míle Zombies: The Undead in Irish Cinema“.

Conor McMahon, Director: Dead Meat, Zombie Bashers