TheOpenRehearsals in association with Opera Theatre Company & LaCat Salons



10th December 2012 at The Back Loft, La Cathedral Studios

“An evening of improvised Opera”

Following their extremely well received performance in October, TheOpenRehearsals are delighted to announce their new performance on December 10th at the Back Loft (off Thomas St.) at 8.00pm. This unique experience is brought to you in association with Opera Theatre Company and LaCat Salons. 

TheOpenRehearsals are a group of professionally trained classical musicians/theatre artists who have come together to explore the possibilities of improvised music theatre. The music, which is improvised anew in each performance, lends itself to an uncanny sense of focus and unpredictability.  This combination of music and theatre in one entity is more reminiscent of traditional art forms from around the world than of Western theatre: using physical theatre, masks, and random text what we do is pitched on the boundaries between abstract music, text art and theatre.  We are currently exploring the concept of “the stage as a song”, a method of walking freely through a pre-set structure, whereby each place on the stage has its own musical atmosphere; actors and musicians can trigger changes when they choose by moving to another position. This is an original, fascinating new form of improvised opera.

The group is David Bremner (keyboard, composer, writer), Enda Collins (horn), Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), Aidan McWatt (violin), Paul Nolan (actor), Andrea Scott (director/actor), Sandra Gonzalez Bandera (actor), Claire Fitch (cello), Alan Leech (tenor), Chris Stynes (percussion), Carolyn Goodwin (clarinet/saxophone),  Aodán McCardle (poet).

Venue: The Back Loft, La Cathedral Studios
Date: 10th Dec 2012 @ 8.00pm
Tickets: €8/5 available from the venue on the night

TheOpenRehearsals gratefully acknowledge the support of the Arts Council through the Opera Project Award.


Big Smoke Winter Literary cafe

“Simply of those evenings that remind you how lucky you are to live in Dublin.”
  Big Smoke Writing Factory is a creative writing centre run by writers for writers. They are located in the heart of the city and provide creative writing classes and workshops for new and developing writers.
 The Back Loft has been a great supporter of Big Smoke over the last number of years and are delighted to host their 2012 Winter Literary Café! Always the highlight of the Big Smoke calendar, this event is set to take place on Sunday December 2nd from 6pm - 9pm.
Start the festive season in style with a wonderfully relaxing evening featuring readings from developing writers and guests, live music, mulled wine and plenty of winter cheer. A chance to see some fantastic emerging Dublin writers and hear all the exciting new work happening at the Big Smoke Writing Factory.
As always this event is FREE and open to everyone. The Big Smoke and the Back Loft look forward to seeing you there!
Twitter @Bigsmokewriting


Cloister - Exhibition by La Catedral Studio Artists

An exhibition of work by the artists of La Catedral Studios
The Back Loft
Opening reception Saturday 8th of December 6pm
Exhibition continues Sunday 9th December 1-6pm

Cloister: A showcase of work by the studio artists of La Catedral Studios in the heart of the Dublin Liberties.
La Catedral studios encompass a diverse group of artists working in all mediums of art in a converted Victorian warehouse. Over the week-end seventeen artists from the Studios will exhibit their works in the Back Loft to celebrate their artistic practice which unfolded in their studio spaces over the past year... The Back Loft is a bright open space adjacent to La Catedral Studios and is used as a multi faceted space for performance, exhibitions, art salons etc.  This exhibition promises to be a visual feast featuring video installations, illustrations, photography, mixed-media and paintings from the talented and diverse artists of La Catedral Studios.
Come along to celebrate and enjoy this exhibition in a warm, atmospheric and historical environment!

The Artists:
Damian O’ Donoghue – illustrator (Ireland)
Anthony Collins – Interactive/ Mixed Media artists (Ireland)
Pham Van Duc – Painter (Vietnam)
Emily O'Callaghan – Photographer (Ireland)
Karina Finegan – Photographer (Ireland)
John McCann – Painter (Ireland)
Karma Shawa – Painter (Jordan)
Miquel Montlló - illustrator (Barcelona)
Bridget Ryan- Painter (Ireland)
David Booth- Painter (Ireland)
Dee Walsh- Painter (Ireland)
Hugh Frazer – Painter (Ireland)
Rani  Sheilagh- Painter (Ireland)
Dave Folan – Sculptor / video artist (Ireland)
Anthony Cullen- Painter (Ireland)
Dee O’Shea- Installation /video/mixed media artists (Ireland)
Liam Meates/Painter (Ireland)


Mamuska Dublin

Mamuska Dublin returns on Friday 30th November, featuring a packed line-up of experimental video work and live performance to challenge and inspire. Audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. Starts 7.30pm


1. Carol Walsh - 'A Medley of Shakespeare' - CLOWNING
2. Hillary Williams - 'Scars' - VERBAL PERFORMANCE ART
3. TheOpenRehearsals - PERFORMANCE
4. Paco Torres - 'The Rattle of Benghazi' - FILM
5. Roisin Power Hackett 'The Roche Limit' - SPOKEN WORD
7. Sandra Estrada - 'The Hand of the Inert' - FILM
8. Peter Duffy - A Political Movement - PERFORMANCE PIECE
9. Rose Lawless - 'The Virgin Mary rap' - PERFORMANCE

Mamuska Dublin is a free event supported by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme and curated by La Cat Salons inhouse programme of La Catedral Studios.


Tickling the Ivories

100 Years of Experimental Piano

At The Back Loft
Thursday 29th November 7.30 pm, Doors open at 7pmpm

The Back Loft/La Cat Acoustic is delighted to present an evening of experimental piano music in collaboration with curator/composer Peter Moran, with special guests Kian Geiselbrechtinger on piano and vocalist Olesya Zdorovetska.

This concert spans one hundred years of musical innovators, including acoustic, electro-acoustic and audio-visual works from Arnold Schoenberg, Henry Cowell, John Cage, György Ligeti, John Zorn and Irish composer Jennifer Walshe. The latter part of the programme will feature a selection of Peter Moran’s recent piano music, including the first full performance of “The Dublin Miniatures” – a collection of piano miniatures composed in different parts of Dublin city earlier this year, and performed with video projections of the locations where they were written.


Piano Sonata No.9, Op.68 (1910)                               Alexander Scriabin
Excerpts from Six Little Piano Pieces, Op.19 (1913)  Arnold Schoenberg
The Banshee (1923)                                                    Henry Cowell
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (1942)    John Cage
Musica Ricercarta (1953)                                           György Ligeti
Memories of You (1964)                                             Cornelius Cardew
Cobra (1984)                                                               John Zorn
Table-ism (2005)                                                         Peter Moran
He Was She Was (2008)                                             Jennifer Walshe
Stahl (2008)                                                                 Samuel Gfrörer
Six Beageens and other piano miniatures (2010-11) Peter Moran
New Work (2012)                                                        Kian Geiselbrechtinger
The Dublin Miniatures (2012)                                                Peter Moran

Peter Moran and La Cat Acoustic are supported by the Irish Arts Council/An Comhairle Ealaíon

La Cat Acoustic is La Cat Salons' acoustic strand. La Cat Salons is the in-house programme of La Catedral Studios.


DLAF - Dublin Live Art Festival

At The Back Loft On the following dates:
Wednesday 31st Cctober, 8pm
Thursday 1st November,  7pm
Friday 2nd November, 3.30 pm
Sunday 4th November 12-6pm

Doors will be open 30 minutes before the show!

Find programme details on this LINK.

Admission free to all the events!
The Dublin Live Art Festival (DLAF) will take place from the 30th October until the 4th of November 2012 and will bring together some of the most exciting live art makers and curators working in Ireland today.

Irish live art is thriving currently and we are producing some remarkable and thrilling work, both at home and abroad. From this wealth of live work has sprung a network of innovative curators producing regular performance art events and exhibitions being held throughout the country. DLAF will present a series of unique live art events highlighting the abundance and excellence of live art works being produced in Ireland as well as the superb quality of the curation and presentation of these works.

Dublin Live Art Festival will assemble some of the most exciting live artists practising in Ireland today alongside special guest performance artists from overseas, in a series of events hosted by eminent live art curators and organisations including; LIVESTOCK, Performance Art Network, Performance Art Live (P.A. Live), Unit 1 in addition to other live artists.

DLAF was founded by a number of performance artists and curators whose aim is to develop the practice of performance art in Ireland and provide a platform for artists to showcase their work in various events while giving curators an opportunity to produce live art experiences in alternative venues and spaces.  By running talks and workshops for these artists and live art producers we intend to strengthen the links between performance artists, collectives and curators practising in Ireland presently.   


For a sneak preview of what DLAF is brewing for next week at The back Loft (pls note change of venue), check out This link

DLAF is supported by Dublin City Council and The Back Loft


At the back Loft on Saturday 1st December, doors open at 7pm, show starts 8pm sharp.
Admission 10E at the door.

A play written and performed by Andrew Keane,
Original idea and direction by Hernán Catvin,
Based on "The Theme of the Hero and the Traitor" by Jorge Luis Borges.

1944 , A man.  A lifeboat.   An assassination.  A terrible accident, apparently... 
Abandoned on the high seas, alone,  with a truth untold.

Notable is a theatrical representation of the fusion of the real and the unreal; of the magical and the natural, of the world of the imagination and that of reality.  This original play crosses vast landscapes; whether of the country from which the hero (or traitor!) comes from (Argentina), or the oceans he travels, or indeed the immense and uncharted canyons of the imagination.  It is a searing examination of identity, both real and imagined.  It is a search for belonging.  A questioning of ideas – of those great frameworks which we all grow up with and find at once so incomprehensible and infuriating.  It is a history not only of one man’s struggle to understand the world in which he lives in but also of the history in which we find ourselves and the connection with other generations and their impact on history, and, whether or not that history is fact or fiction.  A questioning not only of the times we live in but also of the times we think we live in, in fact of the perennial human condition.

The story begins quite simply – a man finds himself in a lifeboat after a terrible accident but it soon becomes clear that it is not accidental and his own story begins to take on an inherent meaning in the situation he finds himself in.  Then his life starts to play out against the chaos in which he lingers...

He tells a story of love and consuming passion and loyalties and how he has had to deal with all of these in his own way.  He tells of his own sense of discovery and revelation about the world, and his world, which itself was predated and forged by others.  He feels like a man emerging from a cave to see the sunlight for the very first time, as in Plato's allegory of the cave.
It is a tale that may or may not be told by him.  It is in this paradox that the issues unfold dramatically.

More information: Hernan Catvin, ""