Teada Orchestra debut performance

Monday 2nd December 2013 @8pm

This is the debut performance from Dublin’s newest orchestral collective supported by the Back Loft.

Téada Orchestra is a group of 20 young violin, viola, cello and double bass players who came together through their love of string music (‘téada’ is the Irish word for ‘string’). Coming from such diverse musical backgrounds as classical, trad and jazz, they bring you a colourful selection for their debut showcase, spanning a century of repertoire.

The programme, conducted by Matt Rafter, includes: 

Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings (1880)
Arvo Pärt- Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten (1977)
Arthur Duff - Irish Suite (1949)
and mixed chamber music.

The evening will take place in the atmospheric and relaxed setting of the Back Loft, featuring mince pies, mulled wine, nice people, and more...

Early Bird Tickets are available online for a mere €6 (incl. booking fee), which includes entry and a complimentary tipple, at
Remaining tickets will be available for €8 on the door.

We look forward to welcoming you for a unique evening.

Téada Orchestra warmly thank the Back Loft for their generous support. All artwork by Éna Brennan.

Harmless Noise:

Golden plec:


The Trinity Exhibition of Student and Staff Artwork 2013

Opening Reception - Tuesday the 3rd December at 7pm 
Daily viewing Wednesday 4th (full day) & Thursday 5th (11am-6pm).
The Trinity Exhibition of Student and Staff Artwork is now in its fifth consecutive year. Hosted by the Visual Arts Society, the aim of this exhibition is to promote a more active engagement in the creative arts on campus and to display the artistic talents of the students and staff of the university to a diverse audience. 
There will be the opportunity to meet some of the Trinity's wonderful artists, see their work for the first time...The event will be launched by a surprise guest speaker.
This year, after a careful selection process, we are once again bringing you the very best of the University's artists, representing a wide range of academic disciplines, in a variety of media. 


V*A*P*I*D Video Art Salon

La Cat Explore invites you to V*A*P*I*D, a special Sunday salon of Video Artistic Photographic Imagery Displays; where the videos are anything but vapid!

We offer:
Visual Animated Panoramic Imaginative Diversity!  
Virtual Alternative Pixellated Innovative Dreams!!

Featuring 3D audiovisual-mapping sculptures and kinetic, interactive video installations from media master Jeff O'Riordan, live VJ video-mixing by Mr. Marco Gutierrez, a full line-up of film and animation from local and international filmmaking talent: Moran Been-noon, Stephanie Golden, Lesley Ann Daley, Kate McElroy, Pierre Jolivet, Angie Duignan, Marqu Pop, John Freeman, Lemeh42, Pierpaolo Vitale, Sean Hanrahan, Ciarna Hackett, Marek Bogacki Staszkiewicz, Brigit McCone, Raoul Simpson and Darragh O'Callaghan.

Roam around and explore our special video niches for a solo viewing experience: our WankBank Media Tank of Audiovisual Assault features intense video works from Lynda Phelan, Naomi Vone, Darragh O'Callaghan and Sarawut Chutiwongpeti. Our Mezzanine of Mysterious Musings, a balcony lounging space, will be screening meditative works from filmmakers Karen Forrester, Catherine Harty & John Thompson and Eva Richardson McCrea.

The event is absolutely free, so drop in after your shopping, tune in and chill out for an alternative Christmas vibe - this Sunday 8th December from 4 - 9p.m. Featuring a fully stocked cafe with feasting, frolics and great raffle prizes.  

La Cat Explore is part of the inhouse-curated programme of the Back Loft venue, 7-11 St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8, and is sponsored by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme.


"DREAMING A WAY" Exhibition by Roberta Rizzo

“We are made of the same substance of dream”. (W.S.)

Roberta Rizzo is an Italian artist, based in Dublin. Her South of Italy roots are the main source and inspiration of her artwork. She paints in acrylics; painting is her way to dream, her contact to fantasy, her deep voice of soul.
 “Dreaming a way” is her first solo exhibition in Dublin. Through her paintings she offers her personal vision of particular landscapes and feelings with the aim of sharing them with a wider audience.
"Dreaming a way" is an invite to dream with her, a celebration to the lightness of being and let go of reality for one instant.
Dreaming a way” is made up of three themes: the first one concerns her native environment, in particular Puglia and Sicily which left a deep mark in her soul and experiences; the second one concerns her trip to Iceland and the most enchanting scenarios she had ever seen; the last one represents her personal emotional landscape about human beings and feelings, love and solitude, sadness, passion and life.
Preview: 11th December, 5.30-7.30 pm
Viewing, 12-13th December, 12-7.30 pm or by appointment: ph. 0873954015,

'Mad as Mist and Snow'

 Sunday, 15th December, 7pm
Larry Beau leads a gathering of vagabonds and minstrels for ‘Mad as Mist and Snow’ an unconventional Christmas concert and celebration of all tides Yule at the Back Loft venue. Far from the marketing madness of tinsel-topped shopping sprees, let Beau lead you on a journey of festive feasting and frolics, storytelling songs and lyrical lore, amid live musical marvels and audiovisual awesomeness, mulled wine, royal chai tea and hot incredible edibles!
Larry Beau is a Galway born minstrel, composer and songwriter. He began as resident musician with San Francisco's Omnicircus, before developing his identity as a modern- day Irish Minstrel after twelve months’ story collecting in Dingle in 2002. Since then he has traveled with his show to New York, Hollywood, Edinburgh, Florence and Berlin's traveling vintage tavern -Spiegeltent. Beau has released three critically acclaimed albums to date, including William The Brave and  I Dream of Tiger Rose. He has performed at the Electric Picnic, live on RTE Radio1, Tg4 and Tv3. ‘Mad as Mist and Snow’ will feature special performances of songs from his forthcoming album The Sundance Vagabonds, a celebration of the hope, love and survival of society’s underdogs.
If Kate Bush and John Lennon had a love-child, Larry Beau would be their shy black-clad son. - THE TIMES
Like a stray from the nether regions of Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire, Larry Beau inhabits a gothic underworld where decadence, lust and horror vie with one another for his, and our, attentions. ‘I Dream Of Tiger Rose’ is a heady amalgam of high-camp cabaret and doleful balladry - IRISH TIMES
Heartstopping - HOTPRESS

Teada Orchestra

Monday 2nd December, 7.30pm
Artwork by Ena Brennan
Téada (the Irish word for ‘string’) are a group of 22 violin, viola, cello and double 
bass players who came together through their love of string music, and now 
form Dublin’s newest orchestral collective. Coming from such diverse 
musical backgrounds as classical, trad and jazz, they bring you a colourful 
selection for their debut showcase, spanning a century of string repertoire.
The programme includes: 
Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings (1880)
Arvo Part - Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten (1977)
Arthur Duff - Irish Suite (1949) and a mix of chamber music.
The evening will take place in the beautiful acoustic of the Back Loft, and will be 
accompanied by mince pies and other refreshments.
Tickets E 8, buy at the door or purchase at
Téada Orchestra warmly thank the Back Loft for their generous support.



November 23rd 
5pm - 10.30pm at the Back Loft. 
€11 in - and get a FREE special edition poster when you bring a Mixtape/cd for someone.

Taking some of the most creative people in dublin working in wildly different mediums, and jam them together in a big visual Mixtape. 

The event will feature a live Aerial performance where Emily from PaperDolls will have visuals projection mapped onto her body by Light wizards MIDAspaces, accompanied by music from Ickis Mirolo

We have a 2 live illustration Mixtape walls made up of 72 movable panels, with Kathi Burke, Fuschia Mac Aree, James Kirwan, mr Alan Clarke & Colm Athlaoich providing the drawing skills 

Kev & Robin from Gruel guerilla mixing up the culinary delights.

Complimentary beers provided by Tiger... 
...and will be broadcasting live on site all evening. all for €11!  
& tickets available here -


From the East to the West

"From the East to the West" is a 3 day long mini-festival on traditional music and dance. 
The series of events will highlight commonalities in traditional music and dance practices from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Celtic World. Interesting themes that will be explored are songs, circle dances and immigration. The project will provide three separate master classes introducing tradition to dancers/instructors, visual/audio artists and musicians through a holistic approach, which will offer a forum to compare and exchange experiences, and also to foster creative practices.

PROGRAMME @ the Back Loft:

6th December @7pm  

Folk Dance Workshop with Greek & Irish Musicians
Featuring: Michael Tubridy (flute), Bernie Hanley (accordion), Maureen O' Reilly (concertina), Nick Armagos (clarinet), Panos Gournakis (davul), Eoin Dillon (Uilleann Pipes/low whistle), Anthony Warde (banjo), Des Cahalan (guitar/voice)
7th december at 7pm
Talk: Tradition within the Modern Society, by P. Adrianopoulou
Concert with Los Caminos de Serkeci, feat. Efrén López, M. Encinas, S. Lampropoulou

From the East to the West will also present an off site event at Exchange Dublin at 8.30pm on Thursday 5th December: Audiovisual Workshop - Tradition & New Technologies by E. Kapros


The Pickled Body, launch of 1st issue

Join us at 8 pm on Friday, November 29th, 2013 in the Back Loft, for an evening full of duende and red shoes (wear yours if you have them) with readings from poets featured in Issue 1.1, including: 
Philip Casey
Afric McGlinchey
Kate O’Shea
Maurice Devitt
John Ennis
Ruairi Conneely
Shane Holohan
Kevin Higgins
Billy Ramsell
Your hosts will be Dimitra Xidous and Patrick Chapman, editors of The Pickled Body. It promises to be a gorgeous evening not to be missed. Music will be provided by our featured artist Ria Czerniak. You can buy prints of her work for the issue on the night, as well as limited edition postcards featuring the poems and prints.  Refreshments and snacks will be served. 
About the Pickled Body issue 1.1 The Red Shoes
Our call for submissions for the first issue was inspired by The Red Shoes – all of them. The Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, the wondrous Powell and Pressburger Film and the Kate Bush album released in November 1993. The sixteen pieces selected for Issue 1.1, complemented by the work of our featured artist Ria Czerniak, are by turns visceral and surreal, vibrant and raw.  



Thursday 21st November
Admission: 10 euro (15 with a cd)
Doors & Back Loft Cafe open at 8pm, concert starts at 8.30 sharp

Drawing on the hypnotic repetition of minimalism and the organic improvisation spirit of jazz, the music of Ensemble Ériu weaves a rich acoustic tapestry around Irish traditional melodies.

Developed by concertina player Jack Talty and double bassist and flute player Neil O’ Loghlen, Ensemble Ériu brings together a chamber ensemble of some of Ireland’s most exciting young musicians from a range of performance backgrounds. The result is a unique soundscape that is creatively progressive yet rooted in tradition

Jack Talty- concertina
Neil O'Loghlen- bass,flute,whistle
Matthew Berrill- clarinet
Jeremy Spencer- fiddle
Maeve O'Hara- marimba
Cormac McCarthy- piano
Paddy Groenland- guitar
Matthew Jacobson- drums


Touching Wood cover art
Stefano Schiavocampo, a contemporary Italian/Dubliner minstrel presents an evening of intimate music in the atmospheric setting of the Back Loft.  Featuring Katherine Humphreys (violin), Zoe Reardon (trumpet) and Hector Castels (visuals)

Wednesday 20th November
Doors and Back Loft Cafe open at 7.30 pm, concert starts at 8.30pm sharp.
E8 admission.

ALIEN-NATION by Kidding Ensemble

Clowns, clowns, clowns, a show not to be missed, Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th November, 8pm sharp. 

ALIEN-NATION is a brand new silly show presented by Kidding Ensemble... Angelica Clown and Marie Clown are two friends living together with their perfect clown lives in order, until they decide to become aliens to break free of their routine and experience life with a new eye.

Directed by Ciaran Taylor.
Will also perform in Cork @Circus Square on 22nd & 23rd of November at 8pm.
Ticket €7/concession €5
Booking @ (from Tuesday 5/11) info on 0857710519

Kidding Ensemble's photo.


CALL FOR WORK: V*A*P*I*D! Video Art Salon

La Cat Explore is proud to announce a one-of-a-kind salon of Video Artistic Photographic Imagery Displays - V*A*P*I*D! lighting up the depths of winter with screenings of short experimental films, video art, animations and visual explorations on Sunday, December 8th.

We are looking for:
Visually Amazing Picturesque Imaginative Dioramas!
Virtual Animated Pixellated Innovative Displays!
Va-va-voom! Alternative, Panoramic, Intriguing Delights!

vapid (ˈvæpɪd ) - adjective

offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging; bland.

synonyms:uninspired,colourless, uninteresting, feeble, flat, dead, dull, boring, tedious, tired, unexciting, unimaginative, lifeless, zestless, spiritless, sterile, anaemic, tame, bloodless, jejune, vacuous, bland, stale, trite, pallid, wishy-washy, watery, tasteless, milk-and-water, flavourless

So if your vid's not vapid, submit it to V*A*P*I*D!

Submission deadline: Sunday 24th November
Maximum length - 15 minutes approx
Email your submissions to with either a link to an on-line screener of the film (e.g. vimeo / youtube), or sending the film in .mp4 or .mov format via a file-sharing programme.

Dinner de los Muertos

Gruel Guerilla and Hunt & Gather
Dinner De los Muertos

Day of the Dead also called "Dia de los Muertos," is a celebration of life and of those who have passed. Although this celebration is associated with the dead, it is not portrayed as a morbid or depressing time, but rather a period full of life, happiness, color, food, friend’s, and fun.

Our celebration takes place on Friday the 1st of November, in the tucked away and bewildering surrounds of The Back Loft, Dublin 8. From dusk will we be inviting you and yours to join us for an evening of sharing a plentiful feast with the deceased.

We are drawing savory inspirations from New Orleans and Deep South dishes as well as sweet inspirations from Mexico to create our Menu.

New Orleans inspired canapés
Irish wild bird gumbo
Creole dish of duck, with mango marmalade
Pan de muertos (Mexican sweet dead bread)
Home made sugar skulls

Mademoiselle Fabiana will be channeling spirits and reading our guest’s tarot cards on the evening. There will also be a live moody musical performance from Rufus Coates and the Blackened Trees.

As a special treat for our guests we will have some whiskey tasting on the evening from Teeling Whiskey. Brewed locally by brothers Jack and Stephen who are keen to support art and culture in Dublin.

As part of the evening’s celebrations we hope to see our guests disguised as the living dead, in costume and decorations of their choice. We are confident this evening of food, festivies and performance will inspire your taste buds and imagination.

We do hope you can join us on the evening to welcome the souls of the dead.
Location: Back Loft Gallery, Dublin 8.
BYOB (we are encouraging bring your own bottle of wine or beer)
Fancy dress
RSVP for tickets:

Storysmelling Salon lineup

La Cat Explore, proudly presents the Story-smelling Salon on Tuesday 12 November, at 7pm! A unique multi-sensory storytelling experience, we implore you to smell, feel and hear the tales come to life all around you. Featuring the delicate Gothic eeriness of Nadia Gativa, the uncanny jolt of Ken McGrath's short fiction, the narrative windings of James Moran (of the BlueBottle Collective), tales from West Cork by Johnny 'Donkey' Morrissey, and a lyrical Celtic folktale given a new spin by Brigit McCone. Also featuring special surprise guests and one piece of frankly filthy and reprehensible pornographic smut offering fifty shades of farce.

So don't miss it ... only €5 entry to help fund a bowl of soup for our starving artists (this is not a joke, their children need wine).


Mamuska Dublin

Mamuska Dublin swings back into action on Friday 8th November, featuring a packed line-up of live performance and video screenings to challenge and inspire. Audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. Doors open 7pm. Show starts 7.30 sharp.

Mamuska Dublin is a free event supported by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme and curated by the La Cat Salons inhouse programme of La Catedral Studios. Come one, come all!


1. EL Putnam  - 'Tea for Two' - PERFORMANCE
2. Tommie Soro (dir) - 'Branded'  and Katya Torres (dir) 'Honey' - VIDEO ART
4. Ciara Lindsey - 'Regret' - VIDEO ART / LIVE MUSIC
5. Marcus & Marco - 'Why the Stars Hold Their Peace' - MULTIMEDIA STORYTELLING
6. John Freeman (dir.) - 'Murder of Crows' / Roland Gomez - 'Duo Hang & Tabla' VIDEO ART / LIVE MUSIC
 7. Boaz and Vered Zur - 'Relationships' -  PERFORMANCE
8. John Freeman (dir) 'You're the One That I'm Thinking of' followed by Odette 'Sleeping Beauty' - VIDEO ART / DANCE - MIME
9David Bickley (dir.) 'Under' and Lesley-Ann Daley 'Primary Narcissism' - VIDEO ART

FEATURED IMAGE: a still from 'Primary Narcissism' by Lesley Ann Daley.



Art Wave's photo.

ArtWave has the pleasure to invite you to their  3rd Splash Art Festival and launch of their brand new on-line platform

Splash Art Festival is a 2-day festival of art, music and dance and is a very popular annual art event. As this may be ArtWave's last show for a while, this year the organisers want to honour their artistic friends who supported ArtWave's throughout the years by presenting their work.

ArtWave 2013 will feature: 

  •  A visual art exhibition.

  • A digital presentation of works from their friends, previous events and ArtWave’s future plans.

  •  A camera set-up on the back loft's mezzanine to document the entire first day of the show with the aim of creating a time lapse video.

  • A few more surprises for the ArtWave’s online platform launch...

Opening times:
Saturday 9th November – 6pm to 10.30pm
Sunday 10th November – 2pm to 8pm

Tickets: €5 for 2-day pass (available at the door)

Splash Art Sponsors and Partners:
·         La Catedral Studios/The Back Loft:
·         John Lemon & Yerbata

Come and enjoy the art on display with a complimentary John Lemon’s Lemonade and a glass of wine!



A magic two-day play and improvisational clowning workshop will take place at the Back Loft on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of October. It will be facilitated by Susan Coughlan (Dublin) and Carol Thompson (London). Place are limited to 12 people. 
To book call Susan on 0879875180 
or email:
 Photo: A two-day play and improvisational clowning workshop will take place at the Back Loft  on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of October. It will be facilitated by Susan Coughlan (Dublin) and Carol Thompson (London). Place are limited to 12 people. To book call Susan on 0879875180 or email


Performing Poetry Project

The Performing Poetry Project returns to the Back Loft with a fantastic lineup of poets and musicians! 

Admission is FREE!

Once again there will be food, drink and feel free to bring your own! 

Sunday, October 6th, 3.00pm

The Back Loft Gallery, St Augustine St, Dublin 8



Kimberly Campanello

Nerys Williams

Maurice Scully

New music by J.C. Creasy & the Wayside Singers



La Cat Explore, the home of oddity and the offbeat, announces theStory-smelling Salon on Tuesday 12 November, at 7pm. We are seeking writers and storytellers to provide the tales - from poetry to prose, from modern life to the mythical and marvellous. While the storytellers read or recite, the blind-folded audience will experience the touch, whispers and smell sensations within the story, as brought to life by a cast of volunteers. Recreating the magic of a late-night storytelling session for your adult selves, the event is not to be missed!

Send your most sensation-packed, smell-filled, touchable tales by email to if you would like to be involved, or, if you'd prefer to act as part of the volunteer crew on the night, please drop us an email.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 21st October.

Dublin Live Art Festival (DLAF13)

Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 recognises and celebrates the huge surge in interest and production of live art in Ireland today. Expect to be surprised, stimulated, inspired, moved, stirred and shaken up by DLAF13’s dynamic programme of Irish live art alongside some very special guest artists from overseas. With a variety of events happening throughout the week, there’ll be something for everyone. Be Excited! 
More info:

Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 programme at a glance:

Date: Wednesday 25th September
~Time: 19.30-22.30
Event: Launch of Dublin Live Art Festival 2013

Date: Thursday 26th September
~Time: 10.00-16.00
Event: Performance Art Masterclass with Nigel Rolfe
~Time: 19.30-22.30
Event: LIVESTOCK Blender at the Back Loft

Date: Friday 27th September
~Time: 14.00-17.00
Event: Liz Aggiss Workshop
~Time: 19.30-22.30
Event: Weeks and Whitford

Date: Saturday 28th September
~Time: 10.00-13.00
Event: Seminar: Sustaining Performance Art Practices
~Time: 13.00- 16.30
Event: Unit 1 Off-Site
~Time: 16.00-17.00
Event: Curators Panel How do we build our live art community?
~Time: 19.30-22.30
Event: Áine Phillips presents I give you Utopias

Date: Sunday 29th September
~Time: 12.00-13.00
Event: Artists Panel How do we build our live art community?
~Time: 13.00-15.00
Event: Potluck Picnic
~Time: 15.00- 16.30
Event: Meabh Redmond and Cathal Sherlock presents an Interactive Presentation
~Time: 19.30- 20.30
Event: Liz Aggiss- Survival Tactics
~Time: 20.30-22.30
Event: Dublin Live Art Festival Closing Party


DEEP at The back Loft for the Fringe Festival

by Raymond Scannell

Dublin Fringe Festival Week 2
17th - 22nd September
The Back Loft, La Catedral Studios
7 - 11 St Augustine Street

Sir Henry’s in the ‘90’s… Were you there?

Its the Summer of 1988 and Cork's emigration generation are following the beat... in perfect time for a new night starting at Sir Henry’s nightclub: SWEAT. Ten years ago the spiritual home of Cork’s first generation of House music fanatics closed forever. Following its sell-out premiere at the Cork Midsummer Festival, this new show from Raymond Scannell, exploring the social backdrop of the time, marks the occasion.

DEEP follows the life of Larry Lehane, chasing the footsteps of his brother Danny, at the cusp of a new era for music. Turning the tables on two decades, from the rise of Acid House to the Euro changeover, we see, through Larry’s smiley-face, the evolution of Cork’s underground, of the city, as the beats rise and fall.
Featuring documentary interviews of the club’s main figures and footage of nights at the club, this is the story of an era; the rants and raves of a Vinyl Junkie who, at 35, has lived through the peaks and troughs of the last twenty years, and is still keeping time, 4 to the floor.

Raymond’s previous solo performance Mimic premiered at the 2007 Cork Midsummer Festival and has toured the world. Most recently, he composed the music for thisispopbaby’s musical Alice in Funderland at the Abbey Theatre. Raymond is part of Six in the Attic, an Irish Theatre Institute resource sharing initiative. DEEP is supported by the Arts Council / Chomhairle Ealíon.

Writer and Performer Ray Scannell
Director Tom Creed
Original Direction Louise Lowe
Design Ciaran O’Melia
Sound Design Carl Kennedy
Sound Consultant Peter Power
Video Design Craig Cox

Produced by Maura O’Keeffe & Irene O’Mara