"DREAMING A WAY" Exhibition by Roberta Rizzo

“We are made of the same substance of dream”. (W.S.)

Roberta Rizzo is an Italian artist, based in Dublin. Her South of Italy roots are the main source and inspiration of her artwork. She paints in acrylics; painting is her way to dream, her contact to fantasy, her deep voice of soul.
 “Dreaming a way” is her first solo exhibition in Dublin. Through her paintings she offers her personal vision of particular landscapes and feelings with the aim of sharing them with a wider audience.
"Dreaming a way" is an invite to dream with her, a celebration to the lightness of being and let go of reality for one instant.
Dreaming a way” is made up of three themes: the first one concerns her native environment, in particular Puglia and Sicily which left a deep mark in her soul and experiences; the second one concerns her trip to Iceland and the most enchanting scenarios she had ever seen; the last one represents her personal emotional landscape about human beings and feelings, love and solitude, sadness, passion and life.
Preview: 11th December, 5.30-7.30 pm
Viewing, 12-13th December, 12-7.30 pm or by appointment: ph. 0873954015,