From the East to the West

"From the East to the West" is a 3 day long mini-festival on traditional music and dance. 
The series of events will highlight commonalities in traditional music and dance practices from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Celtic World. Interesting themes that will be explored are songs, circle dances and immigration. The project will provide three separate master classes introducing tradition to dancers/instructors, visual/audio artists and musicians through a holistic approach, which will offer a forum to compare and exchange experiences, and also to foster creative practices.

PROGRAMME @ the Back Loft:

6th December @7pm  

Folk Dance Workshop with Greek & Irish Musicians
Featuring: Michael Tubridy (flute), Bernie Hanley (accordion), Maureen O' Reilly (concertina), Nick Armagos (clarinet), Panos Gournakis (davul), Eoin Dillon (Uilleann Pipes/low whistle), Anthony Warde (banjo), Des Cahalan (guitar/voice)
7th december at 7pm
Talk: Tradition within the Modern Society, by P. Adrianopoulou
Concert with Los Caminos de Serkeci, feat. Efrén López, M. Encinas, S. Lampropoulou

From the East to the West will also present an off site event at Exchange Dublin at 8.30pm on Thursday 5th December: Audiovisual Workshop - Tradition & New Technologies by E. Kapros