Art Wave's photo.

ArtWave has the pleasure to invite you to their  3rd Splash Art Festival and launch of their brand new on-line platform www.art-wave.org.

Splash Art Festival is a 2-day festival of art, music and dance and is a very popular annual art event. As this may be ArtWave's last show for a while, this year the organisers want to honour their artistic friends who supported ArtWave's throughout the years by presenting their work.

ArtWave 2013 will feature: 

  •  A visual art exhibition.

  • A digital presentation of works from their friends, previous events and ArtWave’s future plans.

  •  A camera set-up on the back loft's mezzanine to document the entire first day of the show with the aim of creating a time lapse video.

  • A few more surprises for the ArtWave’s online platform launch...

Opening times:
Saturday 9th November – 6pm to 10.30pm
Sunday 10th November – 2pm to 8pm

Tickets: €5 for 2-day pass (available at the door)

Splash Art Sponsors and Partners:
·         La Catedral Studios/The Back Loft:
·         John Lemon & Yerbata

Come and enjoy the art on display with a complimentary John Lemon’s Lemonade and a glass of wine!