ZERO GRAVITY - Combined-media festival - Presented by "ART FRECKLES"

Admission: €5 - one day ticket, €10 for a 3-day pass

Events schedule:

4 th dec – Opening Night from 7pm to 10.30pm,

5th Dec – Showcase of performances and visual art, from 2pm to 10.30pm,

6th Dec – Closing party from 1pm to 6pm.A new vibrant artist-initiated combined-media festival, a 3-day platform of thriving art, acoustic & experimental music, short-films and dance, live art perfo & extravaganza.

Art Freckles celebrates the diversity of all art forms by promoting and showcasing risk taking, out of the box and emerging as well as established artists.Curated by Iwona Stefanczuk & Magda Nowacka.

Zero gravity features 28 different artists/performers from the most diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


*FRIDAY* 4th of December, 7:00pm - Opening of the Exhibition of 15 Artists. 7pm- Brigit Katharine McCone (comedy performance), 8pm - Lisa McLaughlin (acoustic music), 9pm - Laura Sheeran (looper, experimental music), 10pm - headline show by Reader'sWives.

*SATURDAY* 5th of December, 2pm - opening, 3pm- 5pm - DJ sets by: Friction Fire and Dr. Time, 5:30pm - Eleventy Four (acoustic MUSIC) 6pm - 7pm Deirdre Murphy & Julie Lockett - (dance performance) 8pm- James Guilmartin (acoustic music) 9pm- Apollonia (belly-dance performance), 10pm – headline show by Grayson.

*SUNDAY* 6th of December, 1pm opening, 2pm-5pm - independent movies by Tomtom Kulesza and Brigit Katharine McConeMore info:,,