Creativity/Works Workshop - 16th August

Creativity/Works presents a unique full day workshop by facilitators Nicole Rourke and Ruth Lehane, to unleash creative potential and free the mind and body for spontaneous self-expression.

The Back Loft, 16th August, 10.30 - 5.00pm with 1 hour lunch break. €40

A wide variety of exercises and interactive games throughout the day explore different portions of the creative mind, utilising movement, text, colour-response and body sculpture to stimulate the imagination and get the creative juices flowing!

Nicole Rourke has 20 years' experience as a performer, playwright and workshop facilitator in Ireland and the UK as well as in Israel, Poland and Singapore. She is trained in physical theatre, and currently works as a creative writing teacher at the Irish Writer's Centre.

Ruth Lehane trained in theatre at Trinity College Dublin and at le Coq in Paris. She is a highly experienced performer and facilitator in drama training and role-play for business.

The workshop is open to all adults with curiosity and a willingness to explore!
To book email: rourkenicole@yahoo.co.uk or phone 086 8576705