TYPE: Contemporary Dance
DANCERS: Deirdre Murphy, Rebecca Reilly, and Lisa McLoughlin, with Deirdre Murphy choreographing.
DATES: Monday 6TH-9TH April, 8pm, Saturday 9th April matinee 2pm
TICKETS: E 14/10 concession

A post discussion will be held on Thursday 7th.

For every woman who is pregnant
For every woman who has ever been pregnant
For every woman who might someday be pregnant..

Drinking from the Well explores the wild and myriad experiences that surround pregnancy and the birthing process. This intimate performance features three dancers who have all experienced childbirth in unique ways, and aims to both represent, challenge, and deconstruct the culture of fear that surrounds pregnancy. Interweaving powerful choreography with experimental vocalizations and text drawn from interviews with a multitude of mothers, Drinking from the Well provides an evening of engaging, contemporary dance at its most engaging.

The dancers use only their voices to create an entire soundscape for the show. The three dancers experiment with two and three part harmonies, as well as the odd bit of solo work. Sometimes, in a metatheatrical and humourous kind of way, the sound alters to acknowledge the challenges of vocalizing while moving - either moving as a dancer, moving as a pregnant woman, or movement during labour. Deirdre Murphy describes it as the use of "vocal melody and tonalities to convey emotional content without the specification of story," which suggests that the vocalizations provide a score that operates to deliver mood, while also operating as counterpoint.
This approach to a contemporary dance piece is quite novel and also beautiful.

This event is produced with the help of The Arts Council of Ireland