September 2008 - Dublin Fringe at the Back Loft

Bridge: Niamh Condron & Julyen Hamilton

Look under the bridge, what lies beneath? What's keeping the bridge from crashing under our feet? What will happen when we get to the other side? What have we left behind? Bridge is a duet that transforms an empty space into a poetry of bridged lands and places amidst air.

Step It Up: Rehearsed Readings

Following the success of last year's rehearsed readings, Dublin Fringe Festival is delighted to present Step It Up, a platform for script-based work that captured our imagination and sparked our curiosity. Taking place over two Sundays, six emerging writers showcase their new work, with facilitated discussion and refreshments.

Day 1: A-Picking At A Bone (Carmel Winters), Spider (Arthur Sheridan), Life After Love (Billy Traynor)

2pm 'A-Picking At A Bone' by Carmel Winters
A toddler is snatched, another child is to blame. Only fifteen, his mother attempts to piece together what happened and why.

3.30pm 'Spider' by Arthur Sheridan
A drug addicted teenage daughter who seeks out her real parents only to find out it's too late.

4.50pm 'Life After Love' by Billy Traynor
The Rough (Middle Aged Woman's) Guide to make up, men and parenthood from newly divorced Daisy Magill.

Day 2: The Crown Jewels (Preposterous Theatre), Leap of Faith (Theatrical Theatrics Productions), Thicker Than Water (Produced by Geoff Power)

1pm 'The Crown Jewels' by Shawn Sturnick.
A comic game of “Cluedo” where nothing’s sacred and everybody’s guilty of something. The Irish Crown Jewels have been nicked and King Edward VII is determined not to find out who dunnit.

3.15pm 'Leap of Faith' by David Lydon
A young and prosperous writer-for-hire is waiting to emerge from the shadow of ghost-writing with one extra day to complete his book.

4.45pm 'Thicker than Water'
is a fictional crime story written by a current inmate of the Midlands Prison that delves into the paranoid, tense, male mind-games of crime.

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