New Dublin Voices & Open Studios at CULTURE NIGHT

New Dublin Voices

Friday 24th September, between 5 and 11pm.

A unique opportunity to meet and talk to the La Catedral Studios' artists from their workspaces and understand the process behind creating art work. Feel free to stroll around the studios, buy great artwork at competitive prices and chill out at the Back Loft entertained by New Dublin Voices Choir...

Up there with Ireland’s best and most exciting chamber choirs, the brilliant New Dublin Voices has chosen Culture Night at the Back Loft to launch its eagerly anticipated debut CD, “Something Beginning With B”. The event takes place early on Culture Night – 6pm til 8pm in the Back Loft. Come along for the buzz and a glass of wine – NDV will be there to sing a track or two from “Something Beginning With B”. The rule for New Dublin Voices’ debut CD was that every track had to have a “B” in it: this means the Beatles are rubbing shoulders with Brahms and Benjamin Britten is neighbours with a barbershop quartet! “Something Beginning With B” has a wide, wide mix of sounds and styles, something for everyone, and is a great sample of the world of New Dublin Voices to have on disc at home or in the car.