An exhibition of new paintings by Paul Swan

Opening Reception - Wednesday 29th May @ 6pm

Daily Viewings - Thursday 30th May to Tuesday  4th June, 
12-6pm or by appointment 

Arguably Paul Swan's best work to date, these recent paintings represent a strongly-emerging spatial sense as well as a move towards a more vibrant and intense colour palette. Figural elements in this largely abstract work have become more pervasive and yet are suggestive, mostly defying definition. Paul is fascinated with natural, phenomenal experience as well as theories in physics and psychophysics, so that his work is imbued with the sense of the immediate and the infinite, the convergence of the present and the past. He regards his paintings as conveyors of non-verbal meaning, as objects of communication and of healing.

The Back Loft c/o La Catedral Studios, 7-11, St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8