Anthony Hackett 'Beyond Borders' Exhibition

 ‘Beyond Borders’
12th October 2012
Opening 6:30pm
Exhibition runs until Saturday 13th October

Irish artist Anthony Hackett has been studying and working in the field of fine art for over a decade. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Dublin Institute of Technology.  Anthony Hackett has exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions around Ireland. He currently holds a position teaching Fine Art at Ballyfermot College of Further Education.  

Anthony’s paintings are a beautiful exploration into the issues of current day Ireland and also on global issues. He has been active and involved in politics for many years and is an advocate for human rights. His canvases display themes such as religion, immigration, family and social injustices’. The artist uses the canvas and a strong sense of colour to invoke a deep sense of thought and understanding on these issues. Anthony’s paintings have always involved vivid colour and a strong sense of paint with bold brush strokes and a strong subject matter. Though his works have, over the years, looked at issues of current day Ireland; the works for this exhibition are powerful and capture a sense of where the world is now and how power and greed effect people who are of a more disadvantaged placement in society. This exhibition at the back Loft is an opportunity to see beautiful works on display in a large space allowing time for the viewer to explore these themes and experience bold colour, strong images and vibrancy coming from the canvases. 

This exhibition will be opened by The Anti Racism Network representative, Luke Bukha who is a Zimbabwean living in Ireland for over seven years and who is also actively involved in human rights issues.

Artist’s statement:
The paintings for “Beyond Borders” were executed between 2008 and 2012 with the majority been finished in 2012.
Most of the finished paintings arrived on the canvas through my use of paint; what I mean by this is that paint is brushed, thrown or rubbed into the canvass in an arbitrary way. No image is present in my mind or set out before me, except in the case of the three paintings “Lilies”  “Cores” and “Sea Shells”, which were carried out by observing the subject.
The subject matter and images arrive from my subconscious through my pushing, playing, removing and scratching of the paint on the canvas. The images that arrive can be landscapes, situations or events that I have experienced, read or witnessed and that have made an impact on me. They arrive from my subconscious and when I am happy with the image it is finished.
Anthony Hackett
September 2012

You can contact Anthony through his representative Ciarna Hackett:


Mamuska Dublin returns on Friday 28th September, featuring a packed line-up of live performance and experimental video work to challenge and inspire. Audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery. Starts 8pm. Mamuska Dublin is a free event curated by La Cat Salons and supported by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme.


1. Emma Pearson 'Wild Thing' - PERFORMANCE
2. Nuno Theodoro - 'Dungeon' - DANCE
3. David Bickley - 'waterland' - FILM
4. Ruth Lehane - CLOWNING
5. Raoul Simpson - 'Wall of Mirrors' - INTERACTIVE VIDEO INSTALLATION
6. Champenois Emilie - 'Holes of Memory' - DANCE
7. Lynda Phelan - 'Animal Woman' - VIDEO
8. Ciosa Le Gear 'I Knit A River' / Roland Gomez 'hang' MUSIC/KNITTED INSTALLATION
9. Peter Duffy 'A Political Act' - PERFORMANCE
10. Katya Semler - 'Enchanted' - DANCE

Culture Night at La Catedral Studios


Open Studios 21st September , From 5-11pm

On Culture Night La Catedral Studios will be open for one day only to visitors. 24 artists working in combined-media will throw their doors open to show their work and studios where their daily art practice unfolds. On the day we shall have a showcase of the artists’ works on the walls of the Studios. We welcome visitors to join us in celebrating a day of community, interaction and sharing. We will also be opening the doors of our new cafe/salon where visitors can enjoy a warm and informal atmosphere which includes music, snacks, teas and wonderful discussion.

The Back Loft 7-11 St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8

The Circus of Perseverance

Present by The Dublin ABSOLUTE Fringe festival

Which circus performer are you? A clown? A lion tamer? A bearded lady? The Circus of Perseverance is a rambunctious production that will immortalise one of the most testing times in Dublin’s history. Out of the ashes of a burnt and charred city, rise the heroic adventures of characters on the fringes of an absurd society. With the ringmaster as narrator, and our capital as the backdrop, seven interwoven stories are blasted into life in a disco of scenes. Philip Doherty gives us a high-spirited, comedic tribute to Dublin City, and the circus our lives have become.

"An urgent, contemporary, absurd, brilliant collision. The picture says it all! "– Róise.

Viewings: Monday 10th - Saturday 15th September, 9pm
Adm. fee: 10E preview on 10th september - E13/E10 concession

Venue is not wheelchair accessible


Presented by The Dublin ABSOLUTE Fringe Festival

History teacher Mr Quinn is disgusted with his pupils’ apathy towards images of the death camps in World War II. He decides to do an experiment and start a fascist movement in the classroom, with himself as the leader. Very soon it gets out of control. Join the students of Summer Hill Secondary school and feel how easy it is to get caught up in something you believe in. Based on the true story of ‘The Third Wave’, a classroom experiment in a Los Angeles high school in 1967.

A classroom drama of a completely different nature comes alive in this new work by Tracy Martin – Róise.

Viewings: Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd Septemeber - 8pm
Admission fee: E 9 preview on 17th, E 12/10.
Duration 80 minutes

Venue is not wheelchair accessible