The Circus of Perseverance

Present by The Dublin ABSOLUTE Fringe festival

Which circus performer are you? A clown? A lion tamer? A bearded lady? The Circus of Perseverance is a rambunctious production that will immortalise one of the most testing times in Dublin’s history. Out of the ashes of a burnt and charred city, rise the heroic adventures of characters on the fringes of an absurd society. With the ringmaster as narrator, and our capital as the backdrop, seven interwoven stories are blasted into life in a disco of scenes. Philip Doherty gives us a high-spirited, comedic tribute to Dublin City, and the circus our lives have become.

"An urgent, contemporary, absurd, brilliant collision. The picture says it all! "– RĂ³ise.

Viewings: Monday 10th - Saturday 15th September, 9pm
Adm. fee: 10E preview on 10th september - E13/E10 concession

Venue is not wheelchair accessible