Tuesday, 30th October 2012
Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 8:30pm
Tickets at the door: 8 euro / 5 euro (concs.)

TheOpenRehearsals are a group of professionally trained classical musicians/theatre artists who have come together to explore the possibilities of improvised music theatre. The music, which is
improvised anew in each performance out of a pool of material provided beforehand, creates an environment which the actors feed off, creating dramas of gesture and action. The actors and musicians are also given a pool of theatrical material to improvise around for ach piece. The improvised nature of our work lends t
o each piece an uncanny sense of focus and unpredictability.

This combination of music and theatre in one entity is more reminiscent of traditional artforms from around the world than of Western theatre: using physical theatre, masks, and random text what we do is pitched on the boundaries between abstract music, text art and theatre.

The group is David Bremner (keyboard, composer, writer), Enda Collins (horn), Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), Aidan McWatt (violin), Paul Nolan (actor), Andrea Scott (director/actor), Sandra Gonzalez Bandera (actor), Claire Fitch (cello), Alan Leech (tenor), Chris Stynes (percussion), Carolyn Goodwin (clarinets / saxophones) Aodán McCardle (poet).