The open rehearsals

Improvised Music Theatre collective, The open rehearsals, invite you to join them for a lively and fun gig in Dublin's Back Loft. With music improvised afresh at every performance from material given by composer David Bremner, and the dramatic content drawn from Andrea Scott, singer Elizabeth Hlliard, violinist Aidan McWatt, actors Paul Nolan and Sandra Gonzalez Bandera, together with David and Andrea will weave a show of breath and space.

The collective's aim is basically to invent a traditional artform
from the ground up. There are resonances from traditions from around the world such as flamenco and Javanese gamelan, but the show is a unique blend of music, poetry, and physical theatre.

For this show we have conceived of the stage itself as a song, but one that doesn't have one progression from beginning to end, but is a free space in which unforeseen directions can be taken.

'often has the flavour of a strange, incomprehensible ritual...'

Wednesday August 15th │8.30 pm │Tickets 8 euro (5 concession) │BYOB

Doors open at 8 pm - come early to discover our playful, mysterious world