"Embodying visions and dancing senses"

A night dedicated to Butoh dance
Friday18th May
Doors opening at 8pm
Event 8.30 – 9.30, Free admission

Embodying visions and dancing senses’ is an evening dedicated to the theme of Butoh dance, as part of the EXPLORIMENT! week-end produced by La Cat Salons in collaboration with Corroboree Productions. 

This event aims to enlarge the Butoh experience engaging with the audience through the presentation of a performance (Vulnerable Raw)*, video footage, Q&A and a short workshop* on the spot.  The objective of this intimate evening is to create an informal but practical space in which performace, video and practice is accessible to the curious eyes.
This event is a natural prelude to the inaugural "Butoh Festival Dublin" Presented by Butoh Dublin that will take place from August 23rd to 26th, both in the Back Loft and in the studios of Dance House. The festival will feature international and Irish artists who will share performances, workshops and talks to engage all senses. 

Butoh dance is of Japanese origin. 
Founded by Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo in the late 1950's as a rebellion against established Japanese art and under the influence of the cruelty of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima,Butoh is based on images and personal experiences rather than formalised shapes. 
Against a complex historical and socio-cultural background, Butō evolved in a catalytic atmosphere: anti-American protests and experiments of the avant-garde alternated with intercultural inspirations (e.g. existentialism, Ausdruckstanz) and intracultural innovations - e.g. reritualizations of Japanese dance and theatre traditions ((extract from Michael Weiss).
."Butoh is mindfulness, it is in every day’s work , it opens your eyes to experience the beauty of things by acknowledging their circle of evolving, blooming and dying. There is dance in everything... (Yoshito Ohno)
* Vulnerably Raw is a 10-minute Butoh performance that will be presented on this occasion by Ambra Bergamasco. It is an intimate piece stripped of any particular design or articulated choreography. It is the performer’s intimate poetics that unveils in front of the audience, rendering visible the vulnerability of creation: slowly, breathing, allowing fear and insecurity to dance with dignity and desire. It is in this space that the performer dances her urgency of being.
This performance is dedicated to Bridgit McCone and to her wonderful creative energy in making Exploriment! happen.

*Sunday 20th May
12pm– 2pm – Butoh Workshop E 20, E18 conc.
In preparation for the first ever Butoh Festival Dublin on 23rd- 26th August, get a taste for yourself of this unique Japanese dance form with an exclusive workshop facilitated by Ambra Bergamasco. Butoh is a profoundly human artform, that speaks from soul to soul through images rather than shapes, building philosophical mindfulness through the body.

 About Ambra G. Bergamasco
Ambra has been practicing Butoh since 1998 studying with a diversity of dancers from Japan – Daisuke Yoshimoto, Italy (Anna Vullo, Stefania Lo Maglio) and dancers that have worked with Carlotta Ikeda’s company such as Sabine Seume, Germany. Ambra's teacher, Anna Vullo, comes from the Ono lineage of Butoh, and shares the working methodology and the space to develop one's own understanding and one's own subjective dance.
For More info on Butoh Dance and on the Butoh Festival in August