Opening reception  Wednesday the 18th of April, 6-8pm.
Daily viewing - April 19th-22nd, 12-5pm. 

Pilgrim Art trail is a collective exhibition featuring a collection of prints which firstly document a climb of Croagh Patrick and later were taken for a walk and stamped along the Camino de Santiago. 
The Back Loft is close to St James’s Gate where pilgrims can still to this day get their first pilgrim stamp (the stamp is issued in the Guinness building) and also St James Church offer their own pilgrim stamp). Pilgrim stamps along the Camino can be collected in churches, cathedrals, hostels, bars, restaurants and anywhere else someone decides to set up a stamping point. 
The exhibited prints align the two pilgrim walks allegedly made by St Patrick and St James and distort space, time and duration as the two and a half hour climb of Croagh Patrick is placed equally beside a journey which spanned 32 days (as represented by the 32 pages of prints). The images of Croagh Patrick are on the left of each page and were made using a transfer printing technique from photographic images the artists took on our mountain climb. The prints on the right of the page are the pilgrim stamps from the Camino, each designed and distributed by the various establishments.