Indie-Ah! - Saturday 22nd October

Fundraiser and Information night in association with United Speech.

United Speech is an emerging non profit organisation linking teachers/students/travel-goers here in Ireland with schools that desperately seek language teachers in South India.. The idea sprung from seeing/experiencing organisations that profit hugely from package sort of volunteer holiday trips - the organisation charge a fee etc, the school receive little money from this fee and the volunteers are working for free regardless. So I thought it would be cool to create a medium where people interested in teaching abroad can get direct contact with schools, and not have to worry about extra costs besides their own personal travel expenses.

This event is basically a chance to call out to people who want to take part in something different and worthwhile and to share ideas etc for future events/promotion and maybe join an exciting different sort of collective. We have some great entertainment for the night so good times will be surely had!

Line Up..


Cfit played their first gig at Electric Picnic 2010 as a three-piece and expanded to a five-piece just in time to play Hard Working Class Heroes 2010, where they were received extremely well. Soon after, they released their debut single "Don't Sweat the Small Shit", which received worldwide reviews.
Now expanded to a seven-piece to fully capture their expansive recorded sound, Cfit launched their debut album "Triage" to a sold out Crawdaddy on April 1st, and have since garnered much praise for their efforts.


He Who Wishes, formerly Kasette, was created in the imagination of singer songwriter Karen Sheridan with a vision of expressing her music through different sounds, colours and textures. Blending guitar, Harmonium, synths, strings and anything that makes a lovely sound, He Who Wishes would like to be a happy noise for the ears.


Your host for the night
Mr Dave Rudden

BYOB event

€10 admission/€8 concession

More info coming SOON!!