ABSOLUTE FRINGE at The Back Loft - September 2011

Seekers We bend over backwards. We stretch ourselves, aiming for a well-paid job and a comfortable life. We’re constantly reaching out, for family, for love and exhausting ourselves for a passionate embrace. How badly can we lose ourselves in the rush of trying to achieve it all? What happens to us when we get everything we want in life?
A multi-layered tale told through movement, gesture, dance and wrapped in music and rich visuals, this is a universal story that questions our search for happiness. Choreographed by Anna Gaciarz.
50% Male Experimental Theatre fuse story and dance to illustrate the underbelly of our society. We are delighted to welcome them to ABSOLUT Fringe for the first time this year. -FESTIVAL DIRECTOR

  • Company: 50% Male Experimental Theatre
  • Venue: The Back Loft
  • Date/Time: Mon 12 9:00 pm / Tue 13 9:00 pm / Thu 15 9:00 pm / Fri 16 9:00 pm / Sat 17 9:00 pm
  • Duration: 40 mins
  • Tickets: €10.00 - €13.00 (Available from )


Amy, I want to make you hard

We’re Katie and Sinéad. We’re friends, well, as friendly as two women can be. Growing up in the country, breaking out, going back, finding what makes a life; a woman’s life and the difference that difference makes.
We asked our mams, our sisters, our friends. We asked Amy. Mná na hÉireann: what have we come from and where are we going? Some say we have the world at our chipped nail-varnished fingers. Pity we don’t want it.
Originally programmed as part of Project Brand New 6: The lively fall. Developed/performed at Solstice as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.
Moving on from last year’s presentation of Trilogy, we are delighted to present a provocative documentary exploration of contemporary feminism in an Irish context. -FESTIVAL DIRECTOR

Seeing and Dreaming

Two magically sensitive, visually delicious portraits of life over eighty, told with rhythm, shadows, movement, text and puppetry.
Dorothy, living alone in a Victorian house in Birmingham, has one eye, no teeth and a soft spot for Starsky and Hutch. Her story is told through the eyes of her eight-year-old granddaughter.
Michael, gnarled and bed-ridden, dreams of dancing and wild horses. His story focuses on the last year of his life, exploring his changing states of mind as he slips between dream, reality and memory.
How will you spend your last day? A soul-touching, life-changing hour. Come and be reminded of a special truth.
A previous showing of this piece was described to me by a friend as one of the most beautiful performances she’d seen in recent years. Vanessa Earl and Sarah Fuller make their Dublin debut with this piece. Don’t miss it. -FESTIVAL DIRECTOR

  • Company: Dog and String Theatre and Vanessa Earl
  • Venue: The Back Loft
  • Date/Time: Tue 20 8:30 pm / Wed 21 8:30 pm / Thu 22 8:30 pm / Fri 23 8:30 pm / Sat 24 8:30 pm
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Tickets: €13.00 - €13.00 (Available from )