Sean Carver - Alchemy of Skin

Opening reception Thursday 9th December 6-9pm.
Daily viewings til Sunday 12th December.

The Back Loft is delighted to host the first exhibition, in Ireland, of recent works by Cork artist Sean Carver, also a resident artist of la Catedral Studios. A graduate of the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork & Limerick School of Art & Design, Carver's solo exhibition will also feature works that span from across the last decade.

Carver’s use of disparate imagery & fragments sacrificed from sketch books and works from over the years, have been sublimated into larger paintings. Thus creating a diversity of imagery woven within each canvas: featuring recurring motifs and sometimes religious undertones set against Carver's signature palette of sepia. The initial impact is visceral and stuns the mind, allowing a slow unfolding of a more rational communication as the forms and symbols emerge to reveal themselves. Carver’s work reflects the creative impetus to showcase honest representations of both the reality of his consciousness fused with his escapist unconsciousness. Each painting is a generation.

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