Mamuska Dublin: 28th November

MAMUSKA DUBLIN Sunday 28th November 2010 @ THE BACK LOFT, Starts 8pm

Mamuska Dublin rides again! The unique blend of experimentation, play, risk and recklessness is back on Sunday 28th November. Audience and artists mingle in a raw, informal setting where 10 minute experimental performances and screenings are mixed with plenty of breaks for discussion, music and relaxation.

Complimentary drinks will be on offer with a raffle at the end of the night.

28th November line-up

Carlo Jacucci - 'Grzegorz' - CLOWNING
Wojtek Bratus & Rachel Devlyn - IMPROVISED DANCE
Lemeh42 - 'Inner Klänge' - SHORT FILM
Terence Erraught & Darren Caffrey - 'Gentleman's Picnic' - LIVE DRAWING
Roisin Corrigan - 'Tribal Body Projections' - DANCE
Anastasia Artemeva & Elena Bezborodova - 'Psychogeography' - PERFORMANCE
Keith Mannix, Conor Doonan 'IT(ch)'/Sinead Curran 'Running Time'/Hilary Williams 'My Mother/Myself' - 3 FILMS
Ann Gildea & Sean Frayne - 'Joie de Vivre' - MUSIC/COMEDY
*Raffle during break*

FREE ADMISSION. Mamuska Dublin is supported by the Arts Council.