An unintentional beauty born out of Interruption

'An Unintentional Beauty Borne Out Of Interruption’
Opening Reception: Wednesday 20th Oct,
6pm – 8pm

Daily Viewing: Thurs 21st Oct – Saturday 23rd Oct, 12pm - 8pm daily

Auction: Sunday 24th Oct 4pm - 7pm

An Unintentional Beauty Borne Out Of Interruption is the first solo exhibition by Jenny Watkins featuring large-scale paintings that explore the artists' affiliation with burnt out vans and cars dumped on top of Mt. Leinster. Jenny was inspired by Eckhart Tolles theory in A New Earth that we, as human beings, can contemplate the beauty in almost anything, once we are aware of our own inner essence. Manifest throughout this series of work is the relationship between the subject and the environment, and the journey therein.

Jenny graduated with a BA in Ceramics from West Wales School of the Arts, Carmarthen, in 2007; culminating with a MA in Ceramics at the International Ceramics Centre, Cardiff School of Art and Design, UWIC, in 2008. On her current work she says;

Perhaps it’s my background in Ceramics, but when the sun shines on vehicles that have been dumped and burnt out on top of Mt. Leinster, the earthy colours emanating are truly beautiful. Being from the countryside, we see the contrast of nature and man co- existing in rural settings and the beauty of these things when nature gets her hands on them. An Unintentional Beauty Borne out of Interruption which could easily go unnoticed through quick dismissal when regarded as rubbish or ugly is an essence I hope to captivate within my work.

Jenny has teamed up with the SCOOP (Save Children Out Of Poverty) Foundation to exhibit and sell her work in the hope of raising money to fund Jenny to volunteer and teach art at ‘The Save Children in Asia Orphanage,’ Cambodia. All pieces will go under the hammer of George Mealy in an exciting auction that will be held on Sunday 24th Oct. Bids will be accepted all week and pieces can even be sold before the auction at reserve prices.

The SCOOP (Save Children Out Of Poverty) Foundation are a new and exciting Irish charity who support children's education in the developing world. At present they are raising funds to build a brand new school in Cambodia which will act as a tangible and user friendly link between Irish volunteers and the Cambodian children. They also encourage as many different people from as many different walks of life to volunteer and ask YOU to get involved. For more info please see