"DARK ROOM" by 3rd year new Media NCAD

Dark Room

Opening Night: Wen 13th May 6-8pm
Dark Room
is an exhibition by new media artists from The National College of Art and Design presented at The Back Loft from 13th - 16th May 2009. This presentation of work incorporates sixteen emerging artists whose intention is to explore and operate throughout a wide span of new media technologies and theoretical explorations. In a society where technology and its systems are becoming an ever increasing and important mode of communication, new media plays a vital role in their contemporary artistic practices.

Within this exhibit all the artists come together collectively, executing work from a wide variety of media. Although under the shared idea and common interest of technology, each work is distinctive and independent from each other, standing alone in their creative variance. The presented work is formulated from a wide range of approaches including installation, performance, generative art, photography, video, sonic design, drawing, painting, audio and sculpture. Each of the 16 artists share conceptual themes such as site specificity, identity, the surreal, social analysis and narrative, psychological process, memory and perception, archiving and audio/video synthesis. The name Dark Room itself not only refers to the photographic process of film development, but it articulates this creative method which is undertaken in the production of each piece. From the inner workings of our imagination, to the excitement of entering into a new place, or gaining new knowledge and understanding, Dark Room showcases the process of this exploration and discovery.